So I've constructed a Halo 2 clan

Oh and before you say anything Shadow, YES I’m trying to advertise the clan anywhere I have the opportunity. :anjou_embarassed:

Since the community is pretty small, I was hoping if you guys would be interested in joining my Halo 2 clan (Overwatch).

For those that don’t know what that is, a clan in Halo 2 is exclusive to LIVE players, a clan is constructed using the LIVE 3.0 system embedded within Halo 2 and other LIVE multiplayer games.

I’ve created a page for the clan here :

If you want to join, just simply read the rules. If you agree with the rules, I will add you to the list and send you an invite as soon as possible.

If you don’t get an invite anytime soon, I’m probably busy, please have patience, I will try to get to everyone as soon as I can.

Though. . . I don’t really know HOW many people here have LIVE and Halo 2, but it would be nice to have some TWOTA people in the clan.

Things to remember :
1.) *Have patience please!
2.) *Join the group once you’ve accepted membership!

There are only 3 of us that I know of.

I’ve got Halo 2, but I don’t have a LIVE subscription unfortunately.

I’m in the same situation as Solo. Sorry.

I was going to get Live but now I don’t know anymore.

You better get it.

May I ask whose credit card you guys are using?Am I the only 18 year old in the world who still doesn’t have a credit card?

19, no credit card, no debit card and very little money, this end.

My sisters, Gehn. But only because I can’t remember my own number.

So your sister doesn’t mind paying your subscription?Wish I had a sis like that :stuck_out_tongue:

I might be getting a CC soon;in the end it’s not like Ill be rich for having one.I have a 2 month trial I haven’t used so…

I know that after the trial end they will keep leeching money from the acount I specified but I don’t know if Ill be able to keep using Live.But if that is the case I don’t get it : people couldn’t subscribe for free and still use Live…

Also what controller do you guys use to play Halo2?

I bought an S controller yesterday and I’ve been trying it.Thing is I’m not even near as good with it then when i used the normal controller and now going back to the normal one feels odd… :stuck_out_tongue:

Meanwhile my skillz go downhill :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I’m using the two month free trial. So it’s not cost my sister a penny. And when that runs out, they’ll automatically charge her card unless I cancel the subscription.

And the old, bigger controller rocks so much more than the shitty, difficult S controller with it’s impossible black/white button positioning.

Yeah I had to actually look to the controller so I could switch grenades…

Anyways do you know how much do they charge after the trial?One year’s subsciption?

Also does anyone know if I can buy XBox headset separated?; it normally comes with the XBox Live starters kit.

?39.99 for a year’s subscription. They also do a monthly fee too, which is about ?5. Not sure what the Euro charge is.

And yeah, you can buy headsets seperately. That’s what I’m looking to do. But be careful, the headset itself comes in two seperate parts, and sometimes only the headset part itself comes in the packaging. The first part is what plugs into the controller, and then the second is the headset itself, which plugs into the first part. Kinda like this:

(o :::slight_smile: >-----< >-----------???)

Red = Controller
Orange = Controller to headset cable
Yellow = Really bad picture of headset

So, obviously, if you just buy the headset itself, its useless as you wouldn’t have the orange part to plug it into. I hope this all makes sense.

The orange part is suposed to plug in the memory cartdrige space or something?


For those that haven’t got Halo 2, you get a 2 month free trial subscription with Halo2 anyway, alas that also requires a CC I think.

My mum is letting me use her credit card, as long as I buy the re-subscription cards every year before it bills her card.

I’m 17 by the way.

Out of curiosity, how does a trial subscription work without a headset? Do you have to buy a headset as well?

You can PLAY without a headset.But I’m searching for one myself.It’s just a experienc eenhancement really.

Not only that, it’s pretty crucial to success in matches for games that require strategy, Halo 2 is definitely one of those games.