So I just watched a wonderfull movie called Imaginaerum

So I just watched a movie called Imaginaerum. It was visually stunning, incredibly deep and both metaphorically and symbolically mind gripping. It’s like a new age Alice in Wonderland concept.

Without giving too much away:

it’s about a father in a coma, going through the various stages of dementia while trapped inside the somewhat twisted and fantastical thoughts and fantasies of his deteriorating mind. Watch the trailer to get a better idea of what I’m trying to say.

So, if anyone watches this movie; please tell me what you thought about it. I think this movie is a prime example of what is missing from the movie industry. It’s actually something intelligent, that is well thought out and actually makes you think and appreciate the story-telling.

Well, never heard of this movie, but I was certainly surprised to find “made by Nightwish” was really referring to the actual band. Even more surprising to find all the current band members actually play in the movie. Might give it a watch, but it seems it might be difficult to find a copy.