So I got an Oculus Rift/Touch and it's %*$ing Awesome!

I just bought an Oculus Rift! And let me say: Using it for the Dolphin VR emulator alone, was worth it! I just recently played Rez Infinite and it was a spiritual experience! Some great games I plan to play soon are:

-Lone Echo
-SuperHot VR
-Star Trek Bridge Crew
-The Mages Tale
-Vanishing Realms
-Skyrim VR


It comes with two touch controllers that let you see your hands in VR! You can actually see and move your fingers!

Dolphin VR emulator:

If you buy an Oculus or Vive, you have to try the Dolphin VR emulator! While not perfect a lot of games are supported and work really well with the Oculus. I’m playing Zelda Ocarina of Time and Metroid Prime in true VR and it feels like I’m really there! It’s like a dream come true to be able to truly enter the worlds of some of your favorite games!

Games I’ve discovered so far that work really well:

-Ocarina of Time
-Mario 64
-Super Mario Galaxy
-Super Mario Sunshine
-Paper Mario Thousand Year Door
-Metroid Prime
-Metroid Prime 2 Echoes
-Star Fox Assault
-Majoras Mask
-Wind Waker
-Mario Kart Wii
-Sonic Adventure
-Sonic Adventure 2


Skies of Arcadia! Yes while I haven’t played it for very long, I have actually played Skies of Arcadia in true VR, with 360 degree head tracking. It’s going to be awesome!

Also with the ability to move forward the camera and with a few action replay codes you can actually play Mario Kart Wii in first person like you’re really sitting in the kart! And looking around 360 degrees!

So, anyone have or tried an Oculus or Vive or any other kind of VR?

I tried the HTC Vive a few months ago and quite enjoyed the experience. That said, I’m not sure how much I would want to play VR regularly. Like the Wii remote and Kinect, it’s not exactly the most relaxing experience, more of something fun to play shorter games once in a while. It is much immersive than those other attempts, and I think there’s a lot of potential for improvement and new gameplay styles. So I think VR is here to stay, albeit as a alternative to the traditional game controller + monitor setup, as with lightguns and steering wheel controllers.

There are a lot of games that you can still play sitting down. For instance: Star Trek Bridge Crew, Elite Dangerous and I played the entirety of Rez Infinite sitting in my chair. Also, all of the Dolphin VR games I have played sitting down as well, with the exception of turning my head to look.

I understand what you mean though as a lot of games are very active and completely immersive. Having you standing up, turning and looking every direction, aiming a gun, slashing a sword and picking up virtual objects.

But hey, we are getting closer to the holo deck right? It’s time to get some exercise!

Playing Skies of Arcadia and looking around 360 degrees is mind blowing! I can also zoom the camera in however far I want to create any view. I can also go first person with Vyse while walking or exploring as well as zoom up on the ships to feel like I’m actually aboard them while traveling the map as well.

I’m literally transported into this world with the Oculus! If you love this game you have to play it this way before you die!

Note: You will need one of these hide object codes to play the game properly: Specifically the first one. Run the emulator as admin, right click on game, go to properties, in hide objects panel paste it into “Edit Config” or “Show Defaults” and save the document. In properties, at least for me, I had to turn off enable dual core. And in the VR options I had to uncheck hud on top and leave disable opcode warnings checked. Also, deselct pull up 60 to 90 frames a second in vr settings. And in graphics settings, disable EFB copies and external frame buffer.


$Glitchy ghost box




$Light box