So i finally got zwei

and i love it!

sure the berserkers make the game easier but its really fun nonetheless.

Glidewing for life!


Nope, it’s all about Skydart!

Actually Skydart was my Zwei favorite at one point.I remember it was ages before I found out there was a different evolution path after Windrider.I remember I finished the games quite a few times before I eventually (and randomly) got all the route points.I was in awe!It was the best of surprises.I thought I had seen everything in the game and then along comes this completely different dragon with a horn (I had not played PD1 at that point and had only seen glimpses of the Blue Dragon during the game’s ending)!! :stuck_out_tongue:

The CG version of Skydart is particularly cool.I was sad when I found out there was no Glidewing CG ending after playing a Box Game with Glidewing.It’s the one dragon in Zwei you don’t get to see in CG :frowning:

Just like Panzer Wing in Saga.(PDO almost makes up for it).

Funny since they are probably my favorite dragon designs along with the Type_02.

Don’t cheer too soon. XD There’ll be times where you’ll be cursing that berserk attack bar to fill up faster. And sigh with relief as you get to deal some massive damage in a short amount of time. XD