So anyway

favorite rider poll!

grade on the aesthetics of the character design, voice, personality, etc. don’t let the inferior graphics of the older versions effect your choice; think of what the character is supposed to look like.

i didn’t include iva, evren, or mobo because they never really rode a dragon, but if you want to give either an honorable mention, go ahead. although i am counting abadd and his custom altered dragonmare.

my choices:

  1. abadd - i loved his design and personality; like a skin-less azel and a childish murderer.
  2. lundi - the hopelessness in his voice as he gives his between level monologues.
  3. Orta - the white hair thing seems to be a fad that has caught on in the 128 bit era, but despite that i really liked the way she looked in the snowy FMV.

1-My favourite rider is Lundi altho I don’t calling him that cause it reminds me that his name is french … sigh

Endow’s his name :slight_smile:

2-Abadd.“Foniba muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu”.Enough has been said!

3-Edge.We know too much about him for me to forget about him.He’s Paet friend and he did ride the Spiritual form of Solo Wing…Respect!

Lundi the Sky Rider was my favourite dragon rider… until I discovered that the Sky Rider wasn’t Lundi. Sigh.

Anyway, my vote goes to the Sky Rider since masked heroes can do no wrong.

abadd - like a skin-less azel and a childish murderer.[/quote]

Nobody understands me like you do… sniff

Sort of a tie between Edge and Azel. Edge was the most developed character yet Azel rode the coolest dragon.

and she was hot.


Keil Fluge and the Blue Dragoon was and will be for ever the best.

ha! i just remembered that lundi’s name was jean jacques lundi! i knew he had a longer name but all i could think of was Lundi McLundi :frowning:

did edge have a longer name? i know he was an orphan, but perhaps the captain had a last name if edge didn’t know his own?

I think I heard one once on a japanese site but I can’t remember it…

Edge Magazine?

Edge McEdge.

I voted Edge. He rides like no one else does <<

just what do you mean? o_O

The Sky Rider. He is simply the best.

Kyle gets my vote, but mainly because I’m in a superficial / aesthetic mood. We didn’t get to see much of his character, but that minimalist approach did give him a mysterious feel in a way; sadly I just think that he looks cooler than Lundi or Edge though, and he doesn’t have Edge’s awful haircut. If I was just thinking about depth of character though, I’d really have to vote for someone else…

Azel and Abadd rank highly for me too, mainly because they feel unique to the PD universe; design-wise they carry the PD essence around in their physical forms, at least. They came across as pretty intriguing characters, too - Abadd may have only said a handful of lines in PDO, but they seemed to build up his sinister and unknown nature well.

I hope those 2 votes were aimed at me and not Sky Rider…

Azel is the best rider. She does it with style, with her coat. And standing on atolms nose! Hehehe!

I’d vote for Abbad because I like weirdness and Abbad is the weird VG character ever!

But I’ll vote for Lundi. I think the bond between Lundi-Lagi was the strongest.