Small advertisement for Saga with different box art

So in my US copy of Darkstalkers: Night Warriors, there’s this small pamphlet advertising then-upcoming Saturn games, and this advert for Saga is included. What’s weird about it is the boxart - I’ve never seen it anywhere else, and never seen it online either. Not sure if the screenshot has any differences from the final version either.
The advert itself is very small, so this is the best quality I could get it to scan.
I kind of like it. The official US boxart is kind of bland in my opinion so I wouldn’t have minded getting this instead.

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Thanks. You now have access to put this on the site itself (you should get a confirmation email - click the link, then reset your password, then log in). I think a full page scan would be better if you have that.

It’s sort of a fold-out card stock thing that doesn’t all fit in the scanner bed - this is as much as I’m able to scan at once:

If you’d still prefer it in full, I can do separate scans and piece them together when I have time.

A pieced together version sounds good.

@Frezgle did you ever get around to making that full page scan?