Slightly odd Panzer Dragoon website

Has anyone else stumbled across this yet…?

My vague guess is that it’s a hoax intended to fool people who haven’t seen this stuff before, though that single line of Japanese could always be a huge disclaimer, of course. If it is meant to be a convincing hoax though, they could at least have come up with some original content. :confused:

I’m pretty sure it’s been discussed before, though I don’t remember if we figured out who created it. It is a hoax though obviously… Probably some guy that wanted to be “teh famous” too after seeing how that “other PD hoax” got mentioned in gaming news websites and stuff…

Eh, not to mention he used the name Genos too… How creative… Think Sega loved KFC’s idea so much they adopted it? He even used the exact same logo as seen at the end of KFC’s “trailer” and screenshots from it in the background…

And it is meant to be convincing probably… Else why would it have all the copyright symbols on Genos etc… Not to mention they show it as if they have copyrights of something they did not create… Think KFC can sue them? Maybe PD is Sega’s copyright but the actual images from his trailer and “Genos” aren’t…

Lame tbh :anjou_sigh:

(unless KFC made it but meh… I think he had another domain for Genos)

If you look at the source of the page, at the very top, there’s a section commented out which reads this…


The page seems to have a lot of links to various video game and other pictures. It would appear to be an artist’s site, but I can’t read the language on it, and all of the galleries apparently link to outside sites. Who ever runs the site seem to be big Sega fans, as there are quite a lot of links to Sega galleries on the site.

If anyone here can read it, perhaps they can find some answers about the origins of the site. Though it’s clear that whoever made it has no connections with Sega and is probably just hopeful for another Panzer Dragoon game.

Weird, I had no idea this had been mentioned before; if it’s come up on this forum, I must have just missed the thread entirely. o_O I wouldn’t have made a new one if I’d known…

As for who created it, the domain’s registered to someone in Shanghai, not that that really helps much, of course… EDIT: Ah, I hadn’t seen your post, OfWintryDeath.

(Pretty sure KFC wouldn’t have made this though, as it mixes his Genos stuff with shots of the Panzer Dragoon X trailer and also fanart from that I’m suspecting appear without the site’s permission… and, well, it’s not really very good…)

You have to admit, though, that as hoaxes go this is a lot more professional than most. If I wasn’t already writing up a script for my own vision of the next Panzer game, I’d certainly be rooting for “Genos”! :anjou_happy:

In fact, I wonder if I can recruit some of those artists to illustrate my document. Oh Kimini…

One thing I’ve noticed though - I recognise one of the pieces of artwork. if you click on the second small square immediately to the right of the “GENOS - Panzer Dragoon RPG” legend in the top left-hand corner, you see a profile of a young man looking to the left.

Am I correct in saying that this was an image that featured on a Japanese Panzer Dragoon trade-off story website that was highlighted here some months ago?

EDIT: Hold on, Lance Way linked to that very site in his last post. Whoops! :anjou_embarassed: On that topic though, the site’s author seems to be aware of the “Panzer Dragoon Genos” hoax - the gallery section of the “Panzer Dragoon Pseudo” site features as its first image a boy called “Geno”, and in the blurb at the bottom of the page the artist relates:

He is Geno, a Mecchanian boy. (when I named him in 2003, I didn’t know that there’s a GENOS fanfiction project).

Did this “fanfiction project” start becoming more ambitious? Perhaps the other sites the Genos-hoax links to are its old contributors?

EDIT: Heh, if you don’t stop editing that post Robert, I’ll never be able to reply to it properly. :slight_smile: If you haven’t seen the old Panzer Dragoon Genos hoax, it was a fake trailer for a “new” Panzer Dragoon RPG that managed to fool a worrying amount of people; it was made by lordcraymen a couple of years ago (and maybe SenorKaffee too - I know he was in on it, though I can’t quite remember if he helped produce it or not). If you Google for “Panzer Dragoon Genos” or “Genos Panzer Dragoon RPG”, you might still be able to find a mirror download somewhere. Apparently, the similarity of the name “Geno” on that Japanese fanfiction site is pure coincidence, and the Panzer Dragoon Genos hoax definitely wasn’t related to that site or its artwork at all.

Basically, all of the content on this newer site is from other sources, notably the Genos trailer, that fanart / fanfiction site, this strange old fake trailer, and I think the images and text relating to the previous games may be taken from Panzer Dragoon Academy, though I’m not certain of that. Unfortunately, the only thing this site has really added to that mishmash of stuff is the Flash layout. :frowning:

EDIT: Whoops, gave a completely wrong link for the strange “Panzer Dragoon X” trailer - it’s right now.

Hmph. Disappointment Well, thanks for clearing that up, Lance. I must admit to never having heard of this Genos trailer until today.

I tried having a sniff around Google for a mirror, and encountered a lot of forum archives which were full of very, very bitter people unleashing bile and venom in no small measure, cursing lordcraymen to the twelth gulf of perdition for getting their hopes up. :anjou_wow:

Anyway, I did manage to find a low-quality recording of the trailer - if you type “Panzer Dragoon Genos” in the search bar at Game it’ll appear on the results screen. And yes, I have to admit that lordcraymen did a sterling job on it!

Yeah, he had me fooled for a while too… There are two versions of the Genos trailer around. One shows the full rendered and polished product and the other one is “shaky cam” footage supposdelly secretly recorded from some Sega conference room with an announcement board with Japanese writings on it and the trailer running on a computer monitor. That’s the one he initially released before making the real video available. Don’t know which one you watched but whichever it was, it’s worth to search around for the other one too.

Yeah, we got one of those of our very own:

If you found the version of the video with the wobbly camerawork, that was the one that was originally released and which fooled quite a lot of people; a much higher-quality version of the trailer itself (without the wobbly camera) was released afterwards too, when they’d owned up to making it (which was in a matter of hours, from what I remember).

EDIT: As Alex has said. :slight_smile:

MORE EDIT: Yep, SK did also work on the hoax (I thought I should check seeing as I was hunting down the old thread…)

Yeah, I actally did!

I hadn’t been on TWOTA for ages and so i typed in that, and the site appeared in front of my eyes, Genos!


That was a fun project - KFC had most of the work and spent weeks rendering the animations. I just helped him with the cutting, added the music and sound effects. We did not go far enough to make the hoax last more than a few days - for instance we did not register a domain with a fake administrative contact. We also tried to record a voiceover with one KFCs brothers - but it sounded much too corny. ^^

I don?t know which other projects adopted the name GENOS. A quick google search point to this “unofficial sequel”:

Yeah that’s the guy that did that Shenmue fan game… He was here for a while and the community got kinda excited as it looked like we’d all be able to make a pd fan game together with him as the programmer… But then he jus stopped coming here and I guess he went on to do the project by himself and then he gave up on it (he announced that recently-ish when he returned). Now he does dragonball fan games or something >_>

the site don’t work for me? (the one in the first post)