Skies of Arcadia

I just finished playing SOA my second time this past weekend and I wonder on the possibility of a sequel. I own the Dreamcast version and was wondering if Legends for Gamecube was worth picking up if i’'ve already played the original. Do you believe a sequel will be made, or is the world of Arcadia dead in Sega’s eyes also?

I think a sequel is highly unlikely especially now.

Besides, the ending didn’t leave much room for a sequel. I could always imagine the remnants of one of the ancient civilisations returning the reclaim the world, or some evil force rising up from beneath the Skies of Arcadia…

Plans for a sequel died with the Dreamcast.

I’m not sure what all the differences are between the Dreamcast and GameCube versions other than some extra side-qeusts (in the form of bounties), more characters, equipment and extra backstory for some of the main characters. The graphics are worse in the updated version in a few places and the music has suffered in the transition too.