Skies of Arcadia for Windows?

Screenshots of the Windows version: … nlist.html

Of course I’m glad that I will be able to it on my PC, but do those conversion really make money?

Sega is desperate for money, remember? I wonder how well it will be received by PC gamers.

Hm…I think it will bomb.
They won’t redesign the controls for mice and it will be another average conversion of an old (nonetheless great) game.

I think Sega has squeezed its classic Dreamcast titles for all they are worth already. What will Sega think of next?

I’m getting this :smiley:
I just have to wait for a new pC.

A 700 mhz with a Riva TNT 2 graphic card and 128 of RAM won’t do the job right?

Yeah I think it will flop too, I doubt it’s even gonna get advertised… I’m not getting it either, I made the mistake of getting Grandia 2 for PC and it just doesn’t feel right on it (I guess a gamepad would help though), it’s really a kind of game that imo can only be enjoyed on console in front of your tv…

Grandia 2 was converted to the PC years ago. I’m not sure how it compared to the original Dreamcast version.

This Skies of Arcadia conversion shows all the signs of desperation in my opinion.

Hey if KOTOR did it why not SOA… just cos we know it will flop? And who knows, maybe Sega does this for their hardcore fans that don’t own consoles. They’ve always been doing seemingly silly convertions like this, it’s not just SOA. There’s also Sonic Adventure, and from older games there’s Sega Rally 2, and from even older games there’s Virtua Fighter 2, Sega Rally, Last Bronx, Panzer Dragoon… And I’m sure there’s more where these came from. I have no idea why they do these but who cares, they certainly don’t lose money or they’d have stopped this by now and some of us get to play games we couldn’t before so… I’m all for it. If I buy a gamepad (which I’m thinking to do for my mame games) I might pick some of these games up as well.
And, desperation? Yeah, so? Like it’s a new thing that Sega hasn’t been doing good and would appreciate any kind of profit? I couldn’t care less if they had to make a Final Fantasy game in collaboration with Square Enix to get some money if after that they went back to being our Sega. I don’t see what your problem is with Sega doing things that might bring them money (like the remake of SF for GBA). You do realise that if they ever get back on their feet we might eventually actually see games like PDS2 and Shenmue III and other classics (old or even new ones) right?
Also there’s other companies that I doubt anyone would consider being “desperate” that do this kind of silly convertions too like Konami and their Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2…

Anyone know if this is the Dreamcast game or the Gamecube version with the added features?

PS: My ideal “game that will flop PC convertion” would be Panzer Dragoon Orta with mouse controls :slight_smile:

Sega’s reputation has already been dragged through the mud enough over the years; converting a 4 year old Dreamcast game to the PC won’t help its cause.

I was rather annoyed when Sega commisioned a third party developer to convert Virtua Cop 1 and 2 to the Playstation 2. You see, when the Dreamcast was launched, Sega adopted a policy of not converting old arcade games to its new console, which is why we never saw a proper conversion of House of the Dead or Scud Race despite how amazing both games were. Why the change of heart now? I suppose desperation is forgivable in the face of death.

I’ve had the displeasure of bearing witness to some inane decisions in my time, but Sega’s poor choices easily rank among the most fatal.

God knows. This is a 4 year old Dreamcast game we’re talking about, so it probably won’t require a hefty amount of processing power.

I dont actally think it will do that bad,
I mean There arent that many RPG’s like that on PC
… I think most PC gamers will welcome the change!

I think most PC gamers won’t know it exists :slight_smile:

Take Anachronox for example, it was a PC only amazing console style RPG, one of the best I’ve played (though sadly I didn’t get too far, it won’t work on my windows XP and I upgraded soon after I bought it) with quite good looks for it’s time (Especially on the environments) and some very cool touches like character abilities that are used outside battle to go through certain situations and a “move” option in the battle sequences that allows for different tactics to be employed (for example an enemy’s attack has a wide range so if all your characters are close together they will all get hit by it while if they are spread out only one will be hit) another battle feature where for example you can press switches in the battle area (by first using the move command to go to them) that trigger things that might aid you/damage the enemy and such and a lot of other nifty features along with some GREAT world/level design and decent humour.

Know what happened to it? Noone bought it, the company closed down. (Ion Storm Dallas) It’s a big shame too since judging by it, maybe it was a different genre but it’s still loads better, more complete and more polished than the current Ion Storm’s Deus Ex 2… I’d much rather have an Anachronox 2 from Ion Storm Dallas than that pos…

Btw I encourage anyone that can find Anachronox to buy it since it’s really worth it, I’m sure it would be considered a classic by all of us if it had been out on the Dreamcast or something… First make sure it will work on your PC though… And also there was a patch for it, make sure you get it cos it corrects a problem with a level later on in the game and other bugs.

Sounds cool. I might have to pick this one up

Here’s an OK site about Anachronox. The official has ofcourse gone down.

It’s got a download of the game’s demo however I haven’t played it so I don’t know how well it introduces the game. I’m telling ya it’s very worth it though. The battles could be more fun but everything else more than makes up for it. And I’m sure the battles get more interesting later too since I barely had any special moves/magic (mystech in this game) when I had to quit playing game for the reason I mentioned in my previous post.

Also don’t be too put off by some sites’ poor scores of the game, we all know how the usual PC gamers feel about console style RPGs…

Here’s gamespy’s review:

I played the demo of that game and I liked it very much.The ambient was cool.

I remember the level I played had something to do with me searching for a criminal or something thuout the city…

He left some clues…