SJ positive about more Mario and Sonic

Talking with SEGA earlier this week, it was revealed that a future collaboration between the company’s mascot, Sonic, and Nintendo’s exuberant Italian plumber, Mario, could well be on the cards. SEGA of America’s President, Simon Jeffery, explained that sales of the Wii and Nintendo DS versions of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games have now surpassed the ten million mark around the world, far in excess of the company’s projected four million total that was initially set. And this is before the Olympics actually kick off over in Beijing, with sales expected to shoot up again when the event commences.

As a result of the huge success, the question has to be whether or not Mario and Sonic will once again team up in the future, especially given how Sonic made an appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl for Wii. In response Jeffery was cagey, but positive, stating, “We would be delighted to do another game with Mario and Sonic.”

But what would you like to see - an in-depth RPG cross-over, a platform outing developed by Miyamoto-san and the team at EAD, or something completely different?

bangs head against wall

Edit: That was in response to Mario and Sonic at the Olympics selling that well.

Let’s get a Mario vs. Sonic fighting game every kid from the early 90s was dreaming about! With Mortal Kombat-level violence, none of that wussy Smash Bros. cop-outs!

(It’ll never happen :anjou_sad: )

It would be satisfying using Mario to rip out Sonic’s spine, if only as punishment for all of his terrible games recently.

Hopefully Sonic Unleashed will turn things around. The sensation of speed in the running levels from the E3 videos is simply breathtaking, with Sonic reaching speeds of up to 300mph over courses that strecth for miles.

It will be interesting to see how they tackle Super Sonic’s abilities, but chances are he won’t be playable for the sake of maintaining balanced gameplay, which is a shame.

Hopefully the slower gimmicky “werehog” levels won’t bog the game down too much.

This could be the game that finally saves Sonic, or buries him.

EDIT: Just when I thought things couldn’t possibly get any worse, I saw this on Sega Nerds: … ndo-power/

Hey if it’s a secret rings follow up it could be pretty good… I thought that game was pretty traditional Sonic done in 3D pretty succesfully… Though I guess having Sonic hold a sword is about as ridiculous as being a werewolf…

Unleashed and the upcoming RPG for the DS will be good. I think Unleashed will mark a return to classic stylings and tracks. So probably no camera troubles. Not to sure about the werewolf element. I think they’re just copying off of Twilight Princess.

I saw the trailer to Sonic Unleashed. I’m sold.

That is hands down the fastest moving Sonic game I’ve seen since Adventure. O_O And it looks like it’ll play very smoothly. And yay for God of War style context sensitive reflex button reacting!

Hehe, good find Alex.

Incredibly, that video was made over a year ago! I hope this is not a bad omen :stuck_out_tongue:

Sega should put more faith into the gameplay mechanics that made Sonic popular in the first place, instead of relying on cheap gimmicks.

Speed, good level design and traditional platforming that echoes back to the Mega Drive games is all fans have been asking for.

Sega’s answer? Werehogs. And now sword wielding.

Regardless, Sonic Unleashed is definitely a step in the right direction, the running levels look stunning and it deserves to do well if it delivers.