Sins of a Solar Empire

Take the 4X space strategy genre, and make it real time. Stardock, developers of the fantastic turn based Galactic Civilizations II (one of the finest games of recent times imo) are involved. I’m really excited about it, it’s aimed for a release this summer but I’m considering preordering to get in on the betas.

Screenshots … _large.jpg … _large.jpg

Teaser trailer

I’d describe it as a sandbox open ended space rts

I was very intrigued by this title. Some of the people who worked on the excellent Homeworld series are on board as well, you have to tell us how it is if you get into the beta; since I am definitely considering picking it up when it comes out.

It’s good to see games such as Galactic Civilization 2 like you mentioned, Space Rangers 2, Sword of the Stars, and Genesis Rising really expand the genre.

To get the beta you have to preorder the game via Stardock I believe, I haven’t looked into it much, I just saw references in the forums. There will be two beta stages the second of which will include multi player testing, so I guess you can wait and see how the game seems to be shaping up after the first beta and then decide if it’s worth the risk of preordering. I think I’ll go ahead and preorder soon as I’d like to try the game before enlisting for my army service (in May).

Anyway, glad to see other people here notice the gems that exist out there, like the titles you mentioned.

The article done for the Games for Windows magazine has now been published on 1UP. They also have an interview and since the article seems to simply be bits of info from that I’ll only link the interview here:

Note their latest screenshots appear to be bad quality scans from the magazine, here’s what the game normally looks like these days: … 4_1280.jpg … 3_1280.jpg

I’m loving some of their ideas… This should be a winner. I just hope they release the beta already so I can play it before leaving…

Beta will be released on the 27th to those who pre-order on their website.
It will only consist of parts of the single-player portion however, which is fine for me since I prefer to play those type of expanding civilization type games at my own pace.

Gamespot has the news story here:

Sins of a Solar Empire Beta Details