Singer Houston Gouges Eye In Suicide Attempt

R&B singer Houston has reportedly attempted suicide by gouging out his eye while on tour in London.

According to reports, Houston tried to jump off a balcony, but was stopped by his security detail.

After he was prevented from leaping, he then was locked in a bathroom, where he gouged out one of his eyes.

Last year, the Hip-Hop oriented singer scored a major hit in “I Like That” with Nate Dogg and Chingy.

Earlier this month, Houston was nominated for “Best New R&B Artist” by the 2004 T M H Honors. Winners were supposed to be announced on Jan. 31, but results have not been returned.


I know lots of you might not know who he is, but this article is disturbing and I thought I’d share it with you.

What kind of a lunatic would gouge their own eye out? Even Tyler Durden wouldn’t do that.

No one dies for gounging out his/her own eye right?

A person can still die of blood loss… unless you stem the bloodflow somehow. A red hot pocker usually does the trick.

“Boohoohoo, I’m on top of the world and have got many adoring fans… I’m nominated for many awards… man this sucks… I’m going to kill myself!”

Madman. >.>;;

Ew! :anjou_wow:

Weird and also, obviously, sad.

Can’t say I knew him or his work, though, but if he’s as famous as the impression of him that Pedro gave, I wonder what is eating him. :anjou_disappointment:

“I was told he wanted to commit suicide and stabbed his eye out,” K-Sly said. “He was telling people he was Jesus and wanted to go home to his Father.”

So he thought through the eye was the best way to go?

You’d think the famous ones would know the best ways to go…all their friends do it all the time :anjou_sigh: