Since when are you a PD fan?

I thought it would be appropriate to ask this today since the series are now a decade old!When did you first play your first PD game?How old were you back then?

For how long have you been a prisioner of PanDra magik?

Good topic!

I’ve been a fan since 1997 when I first experienced Panzer Dragoon Zwei.

The first PD game I played was Zwei, which I believe I picked up second-hand a month or two after its release (in 1996); as far as I can remember I was impressed by the chunky review scores it’d received, and also the unique-looking visuals that I’d seen in screenshots. I then caught up with PD1 sometime in the next year, and bought PDS and PDO shortly after they came out. So yeah, I’ve been in for almost nine of the ten years.

While admittedly not being able to call myself much of a die-hard Panzer Dragoon fan, I would reason that I’m not much of a gamer at all; as such, the series is definitely one of my favourites, given that I like it at all! :anjou_happy:

Well, I remember, or at least am pretty sure of, having the original Panzer Dragoon first, and enjoying its otherwordly style and shooting action - both of which were pretty new to me.

Another thing I remember is having the Sega Flash demo of Panzer Dragoon Zwei and wanting to have the full game. I eventually picked it up at my then-favourite games store (this is back in the days when I could call myself a demi-semi-gamer).

Finally, I pre-ordered Saga and was blown away upon playing it! :anjou_love: To this day, it still remains my only proper experience of playing an RPG apart from Pokemon.

(Cue laughter and shouts of “N00b!!”)

Anyhow… my apologies for the lack of a distinct chronological structure to my description - my memory could be better. :anjou_embarassed:

I remember playing the orginal at a store back when the Saturn was young, but never bought any games until Orta, thats when I was hooked. Before then though I read up on the series and always thought it looked interesting.

I don’t really consider myself a hardcore “fan” as such*, but the first time I played Zwei was back in early '97, so we’ll say since then.

*[size=17]yet I still write a 168k FAQ on Saga[/size]

I got to play an early version of PD 1 at a convetion (I forgot what it was called back then)- then my work had a Japanese Saturn and I loved it, I had a US Saturn in my office the day it came out and my only game was Panzer.

I played Panzer Dragoon Saga the summer after it came out. So that must have been in 1998. Which means I was… 20.

Then after PDS I became interested in the older games because I wanted the backstory.

Hi there ,

i was infected from the day i saw the first grainy screenshots from PanDra1 in a DieHard GAMEFAN Magazine. The Game was announced there as a sequel to “Alisia Dragoon”. In the first screenshots (1993/1994) the game featured an ugly green dragon, which hasn?t much in common with Solowing. Funny how things changed till the final release.

I?ll try to scan some of the old pics for you :wink:

I still like every installment of the series and play them from time to time.

My favs :



Got my copy on Import about a week after it came out in Japan.

You just knew the game was going to be special from the early screen shots in the likes of SegaSaturn/EDGE mags. It just stood out, and looked so diff (Much like the Teams name TA).

I never forget the 1st time I played the game the intro was jawdropping, and the in-game graphics were even better. My jaw well and truly hit the floor.

Still the best intro and game I’ve seen and played.
Also miss the onaboard Dragon Rider view (loved seeing the flaping wings and tail from Kyle point of view onbaord the Blue Dragon). This game as some of the best Art direction,music, and bosses found in the the whole series.

For me it will always be the best, Gratitude to Team Andromeda.

And please SEGA give us new one.

I’ve only played Orta so I don’t know if I can be considered a “fan” sort of, I wouldn’t go out of my way to play the previous games though.

Since 95. Panzer Dragoon was one of the first games I ever got for the Saturn, since then, I’ve always been a fan. :anjou_love:

I don’t remember if it was '94 or '95… but all I remember seeing was a section in Gamepro magazine discussing the early upcoming Sega Saturn titles, and Panzer Dragoon caught my eye very quickly. I’ve followed the series since then, and it’s remained one of my all-time favorites.


You really should, they are certain to make a fan out of you (as long as you don’t hate outdated graphics). PDZ and PDS are must play-through titles.

a kid was playing a saturn station in target and as i approached his mom said they had to leave. i snatched up the controller and saw that the screen was black, shortly after the words “episode 2” appeared. i saw a desert and some flying things… then a GIANT SANDWORM JUMPED OUT AT ME WITH A MURDEROUS INTENT IN HIS BEADY RED EYES!!

that is the precise moment that i became a fan.

i think it was within the first month of PD releasing.

1996 I believe, when we got our little hands on Panzer Dragoon Zwei. =D

It first started with the Panzer Dragoon Demo that came with the saturn my brother got (400$!). From there, it was Panzer Dragoon Zwei, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Panzer Dragoon, Panzer Dragoon Mini, Panzer Dragoon Pocket Arcade, then Panzer Dragoon Orta

What’s Panzer Dragoon Pocket Arcade like?

It was bad. It was one of those old hand-helds you could buy for $20 from Tiger (Just remembering the Strider handheld makes me want to puke)

I bought my Saturn with Sega Flash 2.It featured PD2wei’s demo.I played Episode 3 a gazillion times before I eventually got it.

This was back in 1997 of course.