Simon Jefferey on Shenmue III, Seaman 2

"Talking with Sega of America president Simon Jeffery today, we asked the inevitable question ? Is Sega ever going to release Shenmue III? The Yu Suzuki helmed adventure that saw two releases on the Dreamcast and Xbox has yet to see its epically planned story fully resolved. Unfortunately, the fate of Ryo Hazuki and another taste of “Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment” will have to wait.

“There are no plans for [Shenmue III] right now,” Jeffery told us. Despite being one of the most requested Sega “fanboy” titles, it certainly didn’t sound like the publisher has much interest in or resources dedicated to the project.

Jeffery was at least less final on Shenmue III’s fate than he was on a North American release of Seaman 2. We asked about the still unpublished PlayStation 2 oddball’s Western release, to which Jeffery flat-out said “No.”" … i-seaman-2

Quoting myself:

This really wasn’t worth the mention here but you could at least make the headline more appropriate and not give readers false hopes.