Silent Hill movie trailer

Ok, I don’t normally advocate movies based on games (purely down to the fact they are largely rubbish) but I’m going to make an exception in this case. … dl=trailer

There’s a lot of imagery lifted directly from the games, and the use of the original music still sends a tingle up my spine. A few things appear to be altered - the most obvious being Sharon/Cheryl and the protagonist is now a mother rather than the father - but I’m feeling pretty positive that this is going to be a good film.

The film looks fairly true to the games so far, not to mention it has Sean Bean in it. A real actor for a change!

If the film does well in the cinemas, then it will almost certainly speed up the creation of Silent Hill 5. That almost makes the film worth seeing alone. I’m not sure how the series will recover after the underwhelming Silent Hill 4. Perhaps the series needs to return to its roots (i.e. Silent Hill itself)?

Looks pretty cool, and the monsters look pretty accurate. If it has Pyramid Head, it’ll automatically kick ass.

Pyramid Head is in the trailer - for about 0.2 seconds towards the end. I wouldn’t have spotted him if my friend hadn’t mentioned it to me :slight_smile:

w00t! Awesome! (Gotta love the prison siren, too).

Now to convince my tragically un-geeky friends to see it with me.

Pyramid Head was meant to be a distorted version of an American civil war executioner spawned by Jame Sullivan’s subconscious to punish James for the sins he refused to face.

I hope his role goes beyond a mere token cameo appearance…

We shall see soon enough.

This is looking to be the only authentic video game movie translation ever made. Actually the second since Tomb Raider was a faithful transition of the source material(no depth) and did pay homage to the game as well. An attempt DooM did with their movie version but missing too many aspects of the material that made the game’s story great and unique. Wasted oppourtunity.

Great story? I guess I played a different Doom3 than you did…

I’m talking about the game as a series and its premise. Which was better than the movie.