Should I trust this?

Alright, I found, someplace online (Not posting a link so I won’t attract attention) I found a copy of Saga for $65.00! However, it said used, and it doesn’t have a description. Should I trust that it will work, or even be complete? Cause $65.00 is a little too low to be true. :anjou_sigh:

Why, yes, with all the information we have I think we can all agree that someplace online? is a very trustworthy seller and that you should proceed with the purchase.


It’s not on Ebay…

It’s from I website I’ve never heard about. Still, I might as well give it a whirl. If it doesnt work, I’ll sell it for double the price. :anjou_happy:

Well it’s unlikely you’ll find any copies of PDS that aren’t “used” anyway. Since you haven’t said anything at all about the site… no idea if you can trust it. It’s lower than average but it could well be just the disks without packaging or something. But if the site has no reputable guarantees in place then it’s obviously a big risk.

It’s from a place called Looks kinda…I dunno. It just looks a bit untrustworthy, since they don’t even give a description.

Normally, I too would not trust a site like this…but they do have an active forum. The lack of a description makes it kinda funky too. It could be a deal of a lifetime.

I’d say do it. But then again, it’s easy because it’s not me spending the $$$. Before you make any purchases, try to see their return policy and what have you.

Overall, it’s not entirely possible that this is fraudulent. But don’t expect anything but the 4 cds in staples brand jewel cases in un-mint condition. I really don’t think a website would sell something that doesn’t work. It’s not Ebay. Don’t forget, real stores like EB and Gamestop don’t advertise the condition of games either. They too simply state used, or new.

Actually, descriptions on Ebay are pretty helpful. For instance, they say stuff like “It has a scuff on the right side of the box, and the pamphlet is missing page two, but the discs work.”

This site does not have descriptions at all. I’m gonna keep looking, I guess.

I haven’t heard anything about that site, so I can’t offer anything more helpful than “Go with your gut instinct”. Why not email them about the condition of the game?

Ebays great. I’ve only had two problems in over 800 transactions, so the myth that all ebay sellers are out for blood is complete rubbish.

I agree. Ebay is an excellent service. It’s how I got my copy of Zwei.

BUT there are people on it who will try to scam others. I saw one Ebayer advertising DISK 4 for Panzer Dragoon Saga. On the picture provided, it was a digital camera pic of Disk 1. I wouldn’t trust that. Just gotta be careful is all.