Should a Panzer Dragoon game be released for the iPhone?

Sega recently posted a tweet on their Twitter page asking for suggestions for future iPhone games. This got me thinking… assuming the demand was strong enough, should Sega release a Panzer game for the iPhone? The hardware is certainly capable of running a game of Saturn level graphics, so a re-release/remake of one or more of the Saturn games might be possible. As fans, would we want this?

I’d love to play Panzer Dragoon Saga using the touch screen interface (assuming it was adapted well), although the complexity of porting (or probably rewriting in Saga’s case) a Panzer game to the iPhone might prevent this from ever happening.

No, I wouldn’t like putting my finger on enemies to shoot them personally.

The iphone is not very powerful either. On paper the specs are good but the OS holds many of the resources and always has priority over applications, which is why there’s no a delay when exiting a program, and you get those pretty transition effects on top.

The PSP would be a better bet, imo, but just as unlikely.

No , I think touch screen would make the game far too confusing , and more to the point , I firmly believe Panzer Dragoon games , need the left and right shoulder buttons .

I rather SEGA bring the like of Switch to the I-Phone . Love that game so much , and its perfect for touch screen

The shooters aside, what about Saga? The game doesn’t rely on constant shooting, so you wouldn’t be constantly tapping the screen. The battles could be menu driven for the most part (except when selecting individual enemies). I can imagine touch screen gestures being used to move the dragon around the enemy and to guide him outside of battle.

Al3x, you’re probably right about the iPhone being less powerful than the specs suggest. However, I’ve played a demo of Assassin’s Creed for the iPhone and was impressed by the graphical quality. I think it could handle a game like Panzer Dragoon Saga no problem (even if the filesize is higher than the average iPhone game). A PSP Panzer would be cool too.

I don’t think the I-phone is suited to a game like Panzer , it can handle the specs no problem , it just lacks the buttons .

I like to see a PSP port mind for al the Panzer’s and games like RES , but imo RPG’s just don’t work on a hand-helds , the screen all on of them are too small

Shhh! Don’t let Shadow hear you say that.

I can’t ever imagine a Panzer game working on any console that doesn’t have a proper controller. Mobile devices aren’t designed for the standard type of Panzer game we’re used to. A Panzer THEMED game might work… a MYST type Panzer game would be bad ass.

Hell yes, it would.

… I may have to talk to a certain connection of mine about that…

If by mobile devices you mean phones, yeah. Which is probably why Solo said a Saga release and not one of the action games.

Still, the handheld console platforms are perfectly equipped for a Panzer shooter as both have shoulder buttons and at least a d-pad (though touch screen controls may work on DS as well) which are sufficient alongside the action buttons.

But yeah, an adventure game would also rock. Hell, anything Panzer themed would rock, even a puzzle game, we’ve had that discussion before, and it was good…

Anyone I know? :slight_smile:


Anyone I know? :)[/quote]

No. =) But I’m going to see him in less than an hour.

Space Deadbeef on iPhone is a 2-d game that has a similar lock on mechanism.

If that was a dragon, and had some panzer music, and just some cool scrolling backgrounds and some “Iva’'s Story” like in-betweens, I’d totally buy it.

just saw this- Nanosaur 2 is a sorta a iphone panzer clone, except I don’t think there is a lock-on mechanism- you can sorta imagine what a panzer iphoen game would look like.

show more shooting stuff in the middle:


I wonder how well those controls work in practice? It might be too “floaty”. Interesting looking game though, for sure.

here is another panzer-ish game on iphone- glyder 2 … … -and-video

I’m actually playing a lot of games on iPhone lately- I’m surprised how many control scenes are emulated well. Beyond the accelerometer stuff, a lot of the virtual controls have matured well where it feels like a responsive console.

I prefer a PD game for Android :smiley: