Shining Tears. It's true

Sorry if somebody has already discussed this game. I’ve been away a long time. I’m a big Shining Force fan and the thought of Shining Tears dismays me. Not sure if it’ll still be called by this name, but it turns out it IS going to be an action RPG. But I found out something I didn’t know the first time. You get to control two characters at once using both analog sticks. Um. . . thoughts?

It does n’t matter if SHINING TEARS is an action RPG or not. It is n’t a SHINING FORCE game but an SHINING game. All the SHINING games outside of the SHINING FORCE games have varied styles of the RPG genre. Like SHINING IN THE DARKNESS and SHINING AND THE HOLY ARK are
dungeon crawlers. SHINING WISDOM was an action rpg like TEARS is.
SHINING SOUL 1 AND 2 have that diablo game system in place. The SHINING FORCE games from the Megadrive and Mega Cd, Game Gear and the Saturn share the SRPG system which SHINING FORCE NEO is rejecting in favour of an action rpg style. And that’s why a lot of Shining fans are angry about.

And Shining Tears is also already released… But, yeah, what Goonboy Panzer said :slight_smile:

If Shining Tears is a lot like Shining Wisdom…then it won’t be getting me excited anytime soon.
Nothing against Shining Wisdom, just when you’ve played SF3 and StHA BEFORE it, it loses it’s shine in comparison.

Goonboy Panzer, the caps scare me :anjou_wow: nothing against them, just stateing my current…state.

I only cap regarding the titles of a game that Sega makes. As you already know. but sorry if it scares you…i guess we all have our peculiarities.

Precisely. :anjou_angry: