Shining Force is Back!


I don’t know how many of you have visited the Shining World website lately but it seems Sega is creating a few ‘true’ Shining Force games for mobile phones (I think).

One of them is called Shining Road - to Shining Force while the others are going to be a three part series of games named Shining Force Chronicle I, II, and III.

Shining Force Chronicle appears very similar to the GBA SF remake as far as graphics quality goes, and it seems you can have several members per battle.
Shining Road - to Shining Force seems to have much nicer graphics mainly due to the perspective look rather than the flatter angle of Chronicle. However it also seems that you can only have two persons per battle, but the levels also seem to take advantage of that more, it kind of looks like you will be advancing through them similar to how you would advane a “dungeon” in an action RPG though combat and movement is probably still turn based.

Of course I don’t know how well the animations will be done on a mobile phone but atleast static they both look very nice.

Overall they also both look a lot more faithful to the series than any other Sega effort so far.

Of course you can’t quote me on that since I’m just judging them by the few screenshots and various pages that show some of the attacks and what not…

I think Shining Force Chronicle I is a remake of Shining Force Gaiden, which was originally released on the Game Gear, and later on the Mega CD as part of Shining Force CD. Shining Road is supposed to tie in with Shining Tears’ storyline somehow. I doubt these games will be translated into English, but at least Sega are releasing something with proper Force gameplay…