Shining Force Central redesign

Very nice. A little more busy than my preference, but it’s a polished, clean design. Moogie has worked hard on this over the last four years and it shows.

I can’t remember the old website, but I don’t really like the design all that much to be honest. I think they should at least really cut down on all the content being shown on the home page.

Yeah, I agree that there’s too much going on on the homepage. I’ll suggest that this is toned down a bit.

This page shows the previous designs (scroll to the bottom):

I think this new design is a step up from the previous one, although my favourite is the May 2000 - June 2001 version. I like minimalist designs.

Minimalist is better, this just looks like a newspaper.

I think was a bit over enthusiastic with the “polished” comment before, but with some tweaking there’s got a solid redesign there. These fansites tend to get better from fan feedback. I’ve been leaving some feedback is the following forum topic and encourage you guys to do the same: … 32&t=19822

I just wish that Shining Force wasn’t dead.

I didn’t think it was? Just they kept making crappy versions of it.

Zombies keep coming back for more, but that doesn’t mean they’re alive.

I’m not sure if that’s preferable to the state the Panzer series is in.

Probably for the best that there’s no new Panzer games coming out if it’s a choice between that and lots of spin offs unrelated (or vaguely related) to what makes Panzer Panzer.

I’d rather have quality, not quantity. I will say one thing about SFC, however: they have a longstanding community there, even if it’s a bit too insulated for its own good.

It’s nice when people can find somewhere to fit in.

I think that maybe we all have our own unique opinions on these subjects and I won’t try to change anyone’s minds. The bottom line is that maybe SF still makes money in its current incarnations. Somehow.

LOL. That’s just me trying to be fair when every part of me is saying to not go there.

Have some cake.