Shenmue the Animation

You guys think we’ll get an ending to the story with this (I imagine these 13 episodes are maybe the first game’s story or an equivalent, so I mean in general, if it gets additional seasons and what not)? Even if it’s not super canon and is somewhat reimagined. It would be nice, as long as it’s well made, I’m not really happy with the series’ recent path. That artwork is nice, I hope the budget and talent is there.

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While this series may or may not be good, my concern is that the anime will outpace the games, as with Game of Thrones, leaving us with an ending that is half someone else’s story. Although it might not be an identical situation, given that Yu Suzuki has a detailed roadmap for the Shenmue series.

Uuuug! Just finish the story with this. Forget about the games! Shenmue 3 was horrible and did nothing to continue the story we had been waiting for after almost 2 decades!

I wish the anime just took place after Shenmue 3. I don’t need to watch the anime when I already know the story up to Shenmue 3. I know…its for new viewers, blah, blah, blah. But at this point, by time the anime catches up to Shenmue 3, it will probably be canceled and it will be like the games all over again!

The trailer is out.

will be interesting if it lives on more as an anime

maybe it is even a better fit …

I like the trailer. Will they work with Suzuki to finish the story? That would be sweet but probably not, he does want to make more Shenmue even after the (imo) disaster that is 3, right? So he wouldn’t tell more of the story in other media, while without him the quality/style might suffer if they try to do their own thing past the 1 & 2 plot seen in the trailer. I dunno, we’ll see. I really like what I’m seeing here anyway, even if it ends up being just a different, stylish way to relive through the events of 1 & 2 without playing the games again.

He wants to make Shenmue 4, but it would take the series in a new direction (as opposed to 3 which was more of a retro game).

The director of the Shenmue series has claimed that the third entry was “for the fans,” and noted that a future game would appeal to a wider audience, “If I have the opportunity to make Shenmue 4 - and I think I will - I know how to satisfy casual users, so I want to make a game that everyone can be satisfied with.”

The animation looks nice, although I still question the sense in making this before the game series is complete.

It wouldn’t be any worse than what he did in Shenmue 3. Literally no story. I think the anime should just finish the story and be done with it at this point.

Fans want another game like Shenmue II to continue the story. Not much happened in the original Shenmue either, it was mostly about Ryo searching for clues and saving up money to get to Hong Kong. I don’t think they’ll be able to match Shenmue II on their budget, but hopefully more would happen in Shernmue IV. They’ve done the groundwork now, so can build upon the technology developed for Shenmue III and focus more on content.

The first Shenmue was the first of its kind and was unique, as it introduced you to the series and hinted at greater events to come. Basically, it was the set up. So, I’ll give it a pass for story content. Shenmue 2 was phenomenal in this regard and really got the ball rolling with the introduction to new characters, locations, events leading to the mirrors, the prophecy and even hinting that things surrounding these events might be a bit supernatural.

Shenmue 3 did nothing with its story and retconned the supernatural events from Shenmue 2 to be “ordinary”. And not advancing the story in Shenmue 3 was a choice. The low budget is no excuse. I don’t care if a guy stands there and further explains the story to me. I want some major plot thread or revelation reveled. At least one…And the big event in the game where you fight Lan Di is pathetic. Before you know it, he’s gone again! What? He went to the Great Wall of China! Give me a break LoL! And I come away with knowing just as much as I knew in Shenmue 2 and nothing more.

Anyone finished watching the first season of the anime? I have and I can say it was decent. That is, if you are a Shenmue fan. But, I guess watching the anime really shows the flaws in the overall Shenmue story. As in, while Shenmue may have worked as a game, it barely works as an anime.

That being said, there really isn’t that much story content for the anime to go on or explore. As the actual meat of the game was running through the city talking to people. Which leads me to my next point, because laughably, the anime consists of just that, Ryo just going to and gathering information from person to person; just like he did in the game! And most of the time, it feels like it’s just jumping from scene to scene, person to person. With the only interesting parts being the mystery of the mirrors and Shenhua. That of which you only get hints and glimpses of.

So, if the next season is going to go through the events of Shenmue 3, get ready to be incredibly bored and disappointed. Because Shenmue 3 has even less to go on than the first two games and has absolutely no important story elements.

In conclusion I’d say the anime is worth watching if you are a fan but if not, there isn’t much of any worth to keep you interested.

I haven’t seen it yet. That’s a little concerning if they’re up to Shenmue III already… I wonder if they’ll start making stuff up once they reach the end of Shenmue III or just end/put the series on hold until the next game is released?

That’s what I was wondering. But I guess compared to the game it’s going to be faster to make the anime, so they might have to contact Yu Suzuki and get his supposed complete script. Or if anything bring him on as a permanent member of the animation team…

But, like you said may assumption is, after they finish the events of Shenmue 3 they are going to stop.

I thought the series was pretty good. I enjoyed the Shenmue 1 sections in the anime more than the Shenmue 2 sections though. The story and action scenes were written really well in the first 5 episodes, but when we got to the later 8 episodes (the Shenmue 2 sections) the story was still entertaining, but the fight scenes were disappointing. The Yellow head building raid with Ryo and Ren was amazing in the game, but in the anime they barely showed them fighting any of the yellow head thugs are escaping from Dou Niu and Yuan, the episode also had way too many comedy sections which was a really bad decision for the 2nd to final episode, Ryo also fought Master Baihu in this same episode and Ryo beat him in 2 punches… I was really looking forward to the yellow head building section and they dropped the ball big time on it. Other than episode 12 and the fighting scenes in the later parts being rushed, Shenmue The Animation is still a good anime. The story is still there, the soundtrack was good, they introduced new story for some of the minor characters, and while most of the fighting scenes were rushed, Guizhang vs. Ryo was actually executed really well and I enjoyed that fight. I’d probably give the show a 7/10. I feel they needed a few more episodes though to flesh out some problems.