Shenmue the Animation

You guys think we’ll get an ending to the story with this (I imagine these 13 episodes are maybe the first game’s story or an equivalent, so I mean in general, if it gets additional seasons and what not)? Even if it’s not super canon and is somewhat reimagined. It would be nice, as long as it’s well made, I’m not really happy with the series’ recent path. That artwork is nice, I hope the budget and talent is there.

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While this series may or may not be good, my concern is that the anime will outpace the games, as with Game of Thrones, leaving us with an ending that is half someone else’s story. Although it might not be an identical situation, given that Yu Suzuki has a detailed roadmap for the Shenmue series.

Uuuug! Just finish the story with this. Forget about the games! Shenmue 3 was horrible and did nothing to continue the story we had been waiting for after almost 2 decades!

I wish the anime just took place after Shenmue 3. I don’t need to watch the anime when I already know the story up to Shenmue 3. I know…its for new viewers, blah, blah, blah. But at this point, by time the anime catches up to Shenmue 3, it will probably be canceled and it will be like the games all over again!