Shenmue Online lives!

… and it no longer looks like a first gen Dreamcast game. No sign of big ki-blasts either.
New screenshots and big-ass trailer here. Still nothing that would make any decent gaming PC perform overtime though… no complaints with that really.

It looks the same as always to me, except with the addition of an overdone HDR lighting effect (especially in the outdoor screens).

The trailer seems to be CG and nothing new atleast judging from the snapshots of it which have content of much higher quality than the rest screenshots and also show scenes we have already seen quite sometime ago.

I wouldn’t be confident about the removal of the fireballs and other such things just yet either.

Well, if they are still in, I wouldn’t be upset about it, I mean, this is a story setting where two mirrors can spell the end of the world. A few hadoken like moves don’t seem that farfetched by comparison.

We don’t know how they would do that however. For all you know they are the key to stored nukes :stuck_out_tongue:

Well okay, we actually do see some hints toward supernatural stuff at the end of Shenmue 2 which is why I never minded the ki blasts myself. I was just telling you that since you seemed to be relieved about not seeing them.

The game does look impressive but of course its all going to boil down to the gameplay.

if Sega sees fit to release this title outside China(following numourous expansion packs for it) is anyone here planning to buy it or give it a whirl via demo?

I’m in two minds about this since i love to see the game continue and not totally pleased that all resources have gone on this game but I am curious about the online spinoff at the same time.

Ney, more importantly, it’s about the people you play it with. Early Dreamcast Phantasy Star Online was the success it was because it had, judging from my experience, a very friendly community. You made friends at the snap of a finger. And that is what made it worthwhile, for me at least. You can have a great online game, technically speaking. But if everyone insists on solo-ing and/or can’t be bothered to help a stranger or let alone strike up a conversation, it really is a waste of money and filespace.