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[quote]Yu Suzuki, creator of perhaps the video game industry’s most famously unfinished franchise, told French reporter Sebastien-Abdelhamid that he has considered crowdfunding to produce a third entry into the Shenmue series.

Sebastien-Abdelhamid is a reporter for French television and he spoke to Suzuki at the Monaco Anime Game Show. He posted on twitter about Suzuki’s interest in crowdfunding, and followed up saying that Suzuki has also expressed interest in completing Shenmue’s story with an anime or manga series.[/quote]

Kickstarter might be the only way fans will get to experience a conclusion to the story, although it only seems about as likely as an Ecco Kickstarter.

I’d fund that, especially if SEGA relinquished all rights to Yu Suzuki since I wouldn’t be as comfortable with funding a large corporation in this manner. Obviously they wouldn’t raise 50 million to make it an AAA production but still, I’d take a low/medium budget Shenmue 3 that doesn’t try to be what people expect out of a modern urban sandbox title but instead a focused adventure much like the previous games.

I wonder how much people could raise for Shenmue 3. I’d rather see another game than an anime/manga.

It’s already been clarified that Yu said it’s possible to do that IF SEGA agrees. (Giving him the license). But nothing new at the moment… sigh We have to have more patience about SEGA giving us the pleasure to finally keep playing this master piece.

How does she know if they actually got together for that, specifically? C’mon, girl. You’ve got to be more specific!

That’s how a bad rumor spreads away…

Sometimes wishful thinking makes us jump to conclusions but I don’t know the full story here. It’s good to see that he hasn’t given up on finishing the story he started anyway.

I know I would pay for a sequel, even if they just used the original engine with small modifications. The completionist in me wants to find out how it ends. Shenmue and Half Life are the two gaming worlds that I currently am most eager to have closure for.