Shenmue I & II Confirmed for PC/PS4/Xbox One



As someone who only played the Xbox version Ive wanted to play shenmue in Japanese for years. Is shenmue 3 going to ONLY have english
vo ?No Japanese version???


Shenmue 3 will have both English and Japanese voices! :anjou_happy:


This is released today!

But I have plenty of games to get through before this one…


Same here. We’ve got a whole year until Shenmue III arrives. This seems like a good set of adventures to play nearer the time so that the story will still be fresh when we finally get to play the third instalment. Plus, let’s be realistic: Shenmue III may very well be delayed again.


I finally bought it on PS4. Not sure when I will be able to play it but as you said, we have so much time until ShenMue3 comes so…
Hopefully for me a Switch version arrives in the meantime. It would be more convenient for me to play in places I cannot play my PS4 and also it would help me noticing less these 99 textures :confused:
I am newcomer ^^


Also got it on PS4. I would have preferred PC, but I’d expect sales on that more frequently. For the same price though, I like the physical copy and the tiny poster that it comes with.

Edit: Probably the most welcome addition, the absolute lack of any load times. :anjou_love:


Apparently Sega had a Shenmue remake planned out and it was cancelled :


That’s pretty interesting, but I think too much of the original vision might have been lost in the transition. It’s like when fans create mods for their favorite games, like Zelda Ocarina of Time and they completely get the art style wrong. Or, for instance: the SotC remake, looking in some instances worse or too different from the original artists’ work.

I guess what I’m saying is: Shenmue wasn’t completely hyper realistic, it had a sort of hand made feel to it; its own subtle art style. All throughout its textures/design. It would have been nice to choose from the original version or this though.