Shenmue I & II Confirmed for PC/PS4/Xbox One



As someone who only played the Xbox version Ive wanted to play shenmue in Japanese for years. Is shenmue 3 going to ONLY have english
vo ?No Japanese version???


Shenmue 3 will have both English and Japanese voices! :anjou_happy:


This is released today!

But I have plenty of games to get through before this one…


Same here. We’ve got a whole year until Shenmue III arrives. This seems like a good set of adventures to play nearer the time so that the story will still be fresh when we finally get to play the third instalment. Plus, let’s be realistic: Shenmue III may very well be delayed again.


I finally bought it on PS4. Not sure when I will be able to play it but as you said, we have so much time until ShenMue3 comes so…
Hopefully for me a Switch version arrives in the meantime. It would be more convenient for me to play in places I cannot play my PS4 and also it would help me noticing less these 99 textures :confused:
I am newcomer ^^


Also got it on PS4. I would have preferred PC, but I’d expect sales on that more frequently. For the same price though, I like the physical copy and the tiny poster that it comes with.

Edit: Probably the most welcome addition, the absolute lack of any load times. :anjou_love: