Shenmue 3, put yourself in the game I know I did!

Virtual Reality will soon be upon us, Yu Susuki the mastermind of the Shenmue series brings us his new vision, virtual reality. He utilizes it in the final chapter in the Shenmue Saga, Shenmue 3. Here is an example of what you can do in the game, you can actually put yourself in the game and become Ryo. Here is a pic showing you how I put myself in the game. Its amazing!!!

Why is your face crooked?

Is this a joke?

dude Ryo is looking to his left see…

No its REAL!!!1

A quote from Yu Sasuki

“I want to create a new experience for Shenmue 3, the player will be more involved in the game and the story, actually becoming Ryo, thanks to our new virtual reality technology.”


takes a trip to Shenmue Dojo… just in case

That was Sasuki-san tho…

i told you to quit doing that!!

I posted this on shenmue dojo and everyone seemed very angry and realy took everything out of hand, its just a funny joke geez, those people take things too seriously

Just to show you their anger and stupidity here are some out of hand quotes from the shenmue dojo forum:

"Source? No source = No credibility = Bullshit. Stop pulling crap out of your ass. "

“I am seriously considering modifying the boards to prevent topic creation from users that have below 10/20 posts. At least it’d stop total n00bs and/or bullshitters from making stupid topics.”

'Doesn’t sound like a bad idea."

“Yea not a bad idea one bit, lol. At least he did good artwork”

“That sounds a little harsh…not all new members are stupid.”

i was just jokin too; it was like a running joke from your skies of arcadia one.

in truth i had done similar things involving halo, pirates of the carribean, and… [size=59]doa:xbv[/size]

I am Ryo and you all will feel my power once I unlock the secrets of the mirrors… and about the ultimate power of the mirrors…I’m getting to that…but once I find it out ,prepare yourselves!

Well the guys at the Shenmue Dojo forum kind of apologized to me for being so harsh about my joke, I mean it was just a joke after all. Here are some of their quotes:

“hw freaking rude… so what if he us a noobie i will say it again like i said it before in that other post… who do ya think ya are better than i mean come on…”

"While I do agree that it was probably a bit too rude, I will quote my earlier post. "
Yukio wrote:
But anyway people get a lot more edgy when there are so many alter ego accounts and spammers registering with the intent of causing trouble.

"I think maybe people jumped on this guys back a bit too much due to all the shit we’ve been inundated with recently due to all the n00bs/bullshitters who’ve posted some seriously crap topics.

Y’know,I wouldn’t be surprised if this member pissed off for good now.I know if I had joined a forum and posted something which I found funny (it was mildly amusing),and had received all the crap that this guy got,I wouldn’t bother coming back.

I do agree with whiteShadow’s idea,but then again it could make the situation worse.New members are going to wonder why they are below people who have been here longer,which isn’t a good thing.

I’m going to quote myself,because I think this point needs to be made.
Alien Dude wrote:
You have to remember that a lot of the new members may be forum virgins,hence not having the general forum etiquette.

I think maybe the answer is to have some kind of email/pm (as already stated) as a kind of welcome and a rough guide to their first post.
I can remember my first post,arguing with someone that it is most likely to come to the Gamecube ( proper n00b),but look at the kind of member I’ve become( )!

Basically,I’m just saying,don’t be harsh on them.Lets just give them a helping hand and a decent welcome,instead of the abuse that has been lashed about recently.After all,n00bs are the members of the future,don’t you want to see this place have more ‘decent’ posters?

And as a final thought,legaiaflame,please don’t take all the posts in this topic personally,it’s just we’ve had a hell of a lot of dumbass topics recently."

Well the artwork is class funny anyway.

Since I played and completed Shenmue 2 on the Xbox, I think i’d probably be a really cool person in the game with elite fighting skills and good looking :stuck_out_tongue: (pretty much the opposite of r/l)

In case you missed it heres a shenmue parody: … arody1.wmv