Shelcoof sighting in orta

I have no real idea whether this has been noticed or not, but on mission 3 in the sub senerios section in the unreachable dictance is a ship that looks like Shelcoof, but sort of distorted like something snaped it in half and glued it back together.

does anyone have a threoy of why it might be there I’ve never played any of the other games other then PD1. as i understand it Shelcoof was under semi repair over an ocean somewhere. How could it have gotten into sesteren’s data network and why it’s there.

You’ll find a short explanation for this in the cameo section:

In sub mission 3 the system uses the information from Memory Cell level 4, and I think that level 4 contains all the information from the period of time in which PD Zwei took place. I’m not sure if there is a real meaning behind the appearance of this virtual Shelcoof though.

i had a theory about there being a ethereal counterpart to valued ancient creations. a “soul” if you will that resides within sestren. it was supposed to explain a rumor about the guardian dragon never being able to die. i can’t remember what happened to that theory, but it referenced to some of the attacks seen in the final battle in PDS.

it was basically about how guardians/towers would have this supposed soul in the sestren which contained all of it’s data so that even if the physical part was completely atomized, the sestren could pick a spot and begin gathering matter to reassemble the phsyical form.

we see the ethereal forms of the guardian dragon, nuse, mel-kava, golia, ran-doula, and shelcoof in the final battle in PDS and i believe that’s the same thing that we see in the episode 7 (same setting as the sub scenario- unreachable shelcoof).

Those attacks are explained as Sestren -the being, not the space- 's ability to summon things of the past. It’s also only in Sestren propably so I doubt something like that could exit and go to the “normal” world again as a physical object… I agree with the explanation that’s on D-Unit’s site.