Shelcoof?s still heading for the Tower of URU in PD Orta?

Salvations my friends ,

yesterday i played Panzer Dragoon Orta again and i mentioned something that i?ve never noticed before. I openend Pandoras Box and played the QUICK SHOOTER Mission where Shelcoof is floating in the distance.

Nothing special so far, BUT …

Start the Quickshooter and don?t shoot the enemy waves. After some time the mission will fail and a “RESTART” Box/Cube appears on screen.

Shoot that Box/Cube just with your gun and the screen will fade out and then mission starts again. During the time the screen fades out you will see a silhouette of THE TOWER of Uru as just before shelcoof. No kidding. You?ll just notice the tower for a split second and then it disappears.

Has anyone noticed this already ?

It?s hard to make a screenshot of that but i?ll try it today.

If that kind of thread already exists, then please close this thread.


Interesting… wish I had Orta now, so I could check this out! :anjou_wow:

If this is the case, what would it mean - surely Shelcoof is definitely gone? Maybe this was an unintentional effect.

it probably doesnt mean anything since its all just collected data in sestren. shelcoof was barely holding it together and is probably long gone by the time of Orta. and of course the tower was destroyed at the end of Saga.

still, an interesting little find. but I doubt it holds any importance.

EDIT:For anyone with the same doubt I had Rynex is talking about “Enemy Attack”.

Anyways I played it and I don’t see any sillouette.The screen just blurs the same old Shellcoof image.

Who said Shellcoof was heading for the Tower of Uru?

Actually, that’s a good point… I really just replied to this topic because it seemed to refer to Shelcoof still being around. You see, I thought it was pretty beat this time round!

I guess this is just speculation, then? It probably means nothing, as a matter of fact (no offence, Rynex). I can’t really comment though because Orta is not yet within my grasp! :anjou_disappointment: