Share your photos of the Resurrection CD/vinyl

Someone posted these on Twitter. I like the fact that the CD is black and white, the same colour scheme as Azel’s suit.

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I emailed BigWax and they said to me because I ordered the CD + vinyle, and paid one shipment fee only (I was not offered any other choice during order placement anyway), I will have to wait until April. OR I can make an additional payment for the shipment of the CD now.

But I will wait, it’s not that long now…

I probably did the same as Elliot, I’m kind of a cheapskate. I guess I’ll get my combo pack in April.

Ah ah, the thing is I’m probably going to run a few more giveaways for the community and will buy some digital codes so I’m trying to keep these expenses under control ^^

Received my copy last week. Keeping it in the plastic wrap for now since I also was sent the digital copy. I didn’t order the vinyl.

Wow, I don’t know how you do, the thing I’m excited about for the physical album is the booklet and the illustrations it contains :grinning:

So unfortunately it seems that all of us who purchased the vinyl will be getting it much, much later then anticipated. According to an email from FanGamer

"The records were manufactured and even shipped to our partners, but when we inspected our initial samples, we discovered that a manufacturing error rendered the entire run unfit for sale.

As a result, we have to reproduce the entire run, which will delay the release of the vinyl until approximately early June."

This really sucks right now.

Yes, BraveWave shared this

and this

So I will be getting my CD and Vinyle together much later… :confused:

Oh, well at least I have the digital to listen to. The vinyl was going to be more of a display piece anyway…

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Same, I don’t even have the equipment to play it yet :smiley:

Guys, good news my order just shipped. Check your email!

I have received both my CD and vinyle.

The vinyle booklet has some additional artworks, due to more space available.

Also there is a 2nd press now available for people who missed the first vinyl or… hardcore collectors. Yes it is slightly different this time, it comes in a black vinyl.

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