Shameless spam (games for sale)

I’m selling off a large portion of my games collection, and just thought I’d make a post here in case anyone was interested in buying some games. Currently I’m selling Xbox and Dreamcast games. … ber=257263

Prices are in New Zealand dollars, and I’m sure a PayPal payment or similar can be worked out for overseas buyers.

Saturn, PS2, GC, GBA, PC, and 360 games will be sold in future auctions, as well as consoles and accessories.

I’ve just added many more games, including about 15 Saturn games. There’s also games for PC, PS2, GBA, and one Megadrive game (Landstalker).

There’s no Panzer Dragoon games on there, before anybody asks, nor Shining Force III. I’m too damn sentimental to sell them. :anjou_love: