Shadow of the Colossus is Getting a PS4 Remake


a review you might agree with ?


I almost would consider a PS4 pro just for this. I loved the original but looking back on it, the frame rate was terrible. As they only upgraded the graphics and left the rest alone, I am even more interested.


I just completed this game, first time actually beating it. I’ve played it multiple times on the PS2 but never got to the actual ending because I’d always play with a group of friends and we could never coordinate to finish the game. After blitzing the first 9 colossi in about 2 hours, it was pretty remarkable how identical everything felt and looked. It’s the most verbatim remake I’ve ever seen. I was expecting something a little more jarring, like the Halo anniversary edition. Heck, even the OOT remake on 3ds feels like more of a departure than this does from the source. It’s impressive that the same game can still be released even now as brand new while being relatively unaltered.

I played on the base PS4, and the framerate stayed pretty solid throughout the entire game. Apparently the pro can push 60? That’s something I’d absolutely love to experience. The massively reduced input lag, stable framerate, and lack of fuzzy mid-2000s bloom spam is a really welcome change over the original. I couldn’t wrap my head around the new controls, being so used to the original. I just kept that in the old configuration.

(and since I’m still in a rush coming off beating the game for the first time after playing for so many years: Wtf was that ending?)


I’m glad you enjoyed the remake @Shakespeare. The critical response has been overwhelmingly positive too which is always a good sign.

Although I’m in no hurry to play the remake (I finished both the PS2 original and excellent PS3 remaster), if I pick up a PlayStation 4 Pro in the future for other games (maybe The Last of Us: Part 2) I’ll be sure to give this remake a try.


A new secret was just found after getting all 79 gold coins hidden throughout the Forbidden Lands. Not going to be too specific if you want to do it yourself, but the secret is a new weapon.


Im going to play it on the PRo (first time playing this game), and I will choose the supersampling option. 30fps is absolutely fine for me. I prefer to have more detailed graphics. I would only favor 60fps for a multiplayer shooter, but that’s just me.

Cannot wait to play this based on all the feedback I’ve read.


The remake debuted at number one I’m the UK chart, but more impressively than this it’s first week sales are 73% up on the originals.

I am really surprised that it’s sold this well. It’s not a mainstream kinda title like FIFA or Call of Duty, so it shows that gamers will buy more artistic games if done right…


It’s been debated over in the gamefaqs forum. Apparently, Wander lacks many of the expressions found in the original. What I mean is his facial and emotional reactions during cutscenes and most importantly: the ending. Also, his hair doesn’t move and when running towards the screen away from a Colossus he doesn’t look back or blink his eyes anymore…

And they removed the rain from the ending…

There are comparison shots here: