Septerra Core

Septerra Core is being sold via Good Old Games.

This is the RPG Lagi worked on, yeah?

OH MY GOD!! This is the game I’ve been trying to remember. I played it back in 1999 forgot about it and was up until recently trying to remember what it was called!!

What a coincidence! So what do you think about the game Alex?

Didn’t get it, just saw it when I bought Freespace 2. What did you think of it in 1999? :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly I didn’t play it too much at the time as a friend was letting me borrow it and I had other games to play. So naturally he wanted it back.

I just barely remember it. I knew it looked good and was possibly another gem. I’ll be playing it soon, so I’ll know for sure then! :anjou_happy:

If anyone has played it I’d love to hear their mini review if possible.

Indeed it was: … .com/lagi/

“Until then, I am thinking of making a “Lost Septerra Core” (the game I worked on, which all loyal ‘Art of Panzer’ fans should pick up) site where stuff that didn’t make it into the game, or renders of stuff you really couldn’t see would be. A lot of us on Septerra really liked the Panzer Dragoon games, and it’s influence shows. Here are a couple of teasers of what that site should contain:”

That’s sweet. Now I feel bad and that I should buy it. Even though probably none of the money goes to the original developers whatsoever…

Yeah. At the least it encourages publishers to release more DRM free games on GoG (and maybe other platforms), even if the original developers don’t see a cent.

I didn’t know that this site even existed. I’m pretty excited now, since I remember wanting to play all these games but missing out. A lot of these games are under $10, which makes them all the more enticing considering the amount of DLC I download regularly.

This is turning into a retro week for me, I just ordered a new Dreamcast from Think Geek:

The last time they had them in stock they sold out in about 12 hours, this one seems to be lasting longer. My old one died a while back, and I’ve always wanted to play Skies of Arcadia once more.

Thanks for the info!

Yeah, all the gog games are either $6 or $10, no higher.

I bought the game at full price back then after having played the demo, it was a great game in my opinion. It had nothing revolutionary about it but was simply a lot of fun to play. The voice acting was very well done for its time, and from what I remember the battle system was very similar to PD Saga in the way that it also used the real-time three-step gauge system. You could charge the gauges to use stronger basic attacks or use them for special attacks instead. The storyline seemed to borrow some elements from Panzer Dragoon as well, Septerra Core basically had its own version of Coolia’s that were used by a highly advanced race called “The Chosen” to mutate them into bio-engineered ships. The music was done by Marty O’Donnell (listen to the Halo-like music at the ending of this video for example). From one of his comments here though apparently Lagi wasn’t pleased with Marty’s work on the game for some reason. I think it’s definitely a game worth playing especially for this price if you don’t mind the aging graphics and somewhat repetitive combat.

That’s a good question, but it’s highly unlikely they’re getting any money from this. Apparently it’s Topware Interactive that’s getting the money but I’m not sure if they’re actually still allowed to distribute this game.

That’s a pretty cool cut scene for a game of this age and how kinda indie it was, I expected far worse… Does it run windowed as I tend to game old school while multi tasking?


Just my opinion but: while this is an okay game…:

-it barely has any music, which takes away from any kind of extra atmosphere that could have been created.

-The music that is here, is only sub-par compared to most games, especially Panzer Dragoon

-The battle system is painfully slow

-Enemies appear on map, but can rarely be avoided

-Most of the time if not all the time, you are given no direction as to where to go next.


-Panzer feel

-Interesting characters/okay story

-voice acting, facial expressions are cool for a game from 1999

Holy mother of Ultra!

That looks like a pretty cool guy.

This game’s look reminds me of Dink Smallwood.

But nobody remembers Dink Smallwood :anjou_sigh:

I remember Dink Smallwood. I also remember not liking Dink Smallwood, but to each his own. But hey, it was free!

Septerra Core is also on discount right now, $4.79, 20% discount applied on checkout.

septerra core… that have played many times but never all the way to the end…
why`?.. i had a crashing pc that time… and had to reinstall windows few times…

wonder where the cd is… i know i have the original somewhere…