Sending feedback to Grounding Inc

Anyone think it might be worthwhile to send feedback to Grounding Inc about the game? It’s rather obvious the game has a number of issues, and perhaps it might be worth making a list of things that could be improved. Perhaps we could send it together with the Panzer Dragoon Revival petition.

I think Grounding would have read the reviews which highlight the main issues. What is there to gain by sending a structured list?

It would be feedback from Panzer Dragoon fans specifically, and go into more detail than the reviews. I haven’t seen any review really spend time explaining what’s wrong with the story, for example.

Though I doubt you’d get a response, it could be good to show that at least a small community still support the franchise, despite the drawbacks. Considering the bad reviews, it’s unlikely at this stage that we’ll see another Crimson Dragon game, and less likely the RPG one that was hinted at.

But having a group of followers, specifically in the West, saying they enjoyed the game would at least alert them that there is a potential market for another game.