Selling my Panzer Dragoon games

With the blessing of Solo, I have decided to skip eBay and it’s horrible fees and sell my Panzer Dragoon games to some true fans, the visitors of this forum. I have been on the wire about selling these games since they were part of my childhood and they remain my favorites games of all time. However I have hit some really deep times trying to pay for school and so now they must go. I really hope these go to a fan like me so that’s why I chose to sell on this forum. This will be a forum auction with the following rules:


  1. Paypal is preferred, if you have another form of payment please don’t hesitate to PM me and I’ll think about it.
  2. Auction ends 11:59PM EST Sept 18, 2010.
  3. State your bid on your post, you will be held accountable if you win.
  4. Payment must be made within 24 hours of auction end.
  5. Games will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate box and packed with the greatest care. It will also be insured.
  6. US buyers only.
  7. In the event of a non-paying bidder next highest bidder will be PM’ed to receive the games if he/she pays his/her said bid.

I have lots of positive feedback on my eBay account: wargreymonst and I’m PayPal Verified.

Now onto the games:


  1. All games come in their original Saturn cases.
  2. All games are in working condition and have been fully play tested. No returns/exchanges.
  3. All games come with artwork, manual, game(of course).
  4. Panzer Dragoon Saga’s 1st disk is missing it’s sleeve but it’s been in a normal paper CD sleeve. It can be replaced here: You just have to remove the flap and window and cut them using the original sleeve as a template.

If you have any questions or want pictures of specific things or better pictures please say so.

Starting bid: $300 Shipping: $10.35+$2 Insurance
If it goes above $350, I will pay for shipping and insurance.

Auction ended. Damn look like I’ll have to go with eBay. Anyways $300 shipped, if someone wants it. In about a week it’ll be on eBay.

No offense, but $300 is kind of a bad deal. Unless the price of PDS has gone way up in a short amount of time, you should still be able to find one in good condition for around 120-150. PD1 and 2 are worth next to nothing.

I thought this would be the case, but if eBay is an accurate judge, the price isn’t all that outrageous. It’s not a particularly amazing bargain, though. But I assume most folks here own the games (or at least the first two) and have no real reason to buy them again.

I know the price seems a bit high, I have to agree with you all but I have to pay for college as well as books. So I’m looking to get a bit more than usual for a good cause. If anything I can do $290 shipped. :confused:

$250 shipped. I really need this money for school. :frowning:

I think eBay’s your best bet dude, members here would have probably already mentioned what they’re willing to pay for these by now if they were interested, but most people here either already have the games or have at least played through them so would only jump at some super deal to get to own them. Even people willing would probably prefer eBay over some transaction via other means where they honestly have no protection even though you claim you’ll provide insurance. As soon as you give your money for a product you don’t have in your hands, nothing’s guaranteed. At least put it on eBay as well as keep asking around, and if you get an offer you cancel the auction. Check the fees before setting the price there of course, to make sure your own profit will be sufficient.

The transaction would be done through PayPal. So there yould be some protection in that. I’d rather deal with PayPal’s miniscule fees than both PayPal’s and eBay’s(9%) fees. But if I don’t get any offers in a few days then yea, I guess I’ll have to do eBay…