Segata Sanshiro Panzer Mini Game

This one is new for me:

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A collection of commercials and mini games starring SS. One of them is a Panzer One.

And there is a PDM for auction if there is anyone interested. It’s a very rare game but too expensive for my taste. Anyway it’s just for collectors. :anjou_happy:

Click here

Crying shame that that guy only ships within US. XD Oh how I want that Segata Sanshiro game!

I’m already ahead of you- I am the top bidder for it but I was waiting to bring up so you guys wouldn’t raise the bidding cost!

If I get it, I can maybe ISO it and people can play it through giri-giri…

The last unknown panzer game (it looks a lot worse than the flash game …)!

?27 for a Game Gear game!?

bids to annoy lagi
Segata Sanshiro is cool!

Hell yeah. XD Heck, I’m quite willing to see the original Kamen Rider to see the previous work of Hiroshi Fujioka (who plays Segata of course). =D

I won it… I’lll let everyone know what it is when I get it …

Cool, thanks lagi. I’ve known about the Segata Sanshiro game for ages now, but I wasn’t aware of this PD content on it. Even if the mini-game itself isn’t so great, it’ll be an interesting novelty…

The final bid was ?82.00. :anjou_wow: Is Panzer Dragoon Mini genuinely that rare? I always assumed it was just hard to find because it was a Japan-only Game Gear release… does anyone know what kind of numbers it was produced in?