Sega's Tokyo Game Show Titles

There’s nothing really big that we haven’t seen before really, hopefully there will be some surprises unveiled. There are a couple of new PSP games and other things.

More information about Sega’s showing here…

As well as the obviously interesting stuff like Ryu Ga Gotoku, PSU etc, it looks like they’ll be making some kind of showing for the future Sega Ages games; fingers crossed for some tangible info on the Panzer Dragoon remake / rerelease…

Yeah, hopefully! And now I realise how underwhelming my first post sounded, I didn’t mean for it to sound bad, I was just making sure noone gets excited about new things since there wasn’t much we haven’t seen. But with big games like the ones you mentioned, this should be a really really good show for Sega :slight_smile:

I admit, I am pleased with Sega’s recent urge to start setting trends again rather than follow them, but where’s Shining Force IV?

It’s not coming.

I can bet everything you wish me to; it will come.Before the next generation of consoles ends.

Really? Because that means Sega’s got about 3 months to get it released. Can I hold you to that bet? :smiley:

I’m sorry I dind’t explain myself as I should.With all the news and whatnot I meant X360,PS3 and Rev.