Sega's Project S. Speculate!

Alright… So, Sega is creating a PSP game which is only known as “Project S” for now…

What do you guys think it will be?! A lame new racing game? Or something very very exciting like Project J for the PS2 turned out (Gehn be sure to check out the Project J thread if you haven’t yet)?

It’s just the similarity of the code names that got me thinking but then again Sega might as well call all of their titles “project whatever” before finalising the name…


Possibly a new Sonic game for the PSP, although why they wouldn’t just annouce it as a Sonic game I don’t know. Maybe it’s a whole new franchise.

I doubt it’s a new Sonic game. Sega already did the whole “Project Sonic” back in the Saturn days with Sonic Jam and Sonic R.

Maybe it’s Shenmue 3?

Or a new Streets of Rage?

I couldn’t begin to speculate as to what “Project S” entails, but I would suggest that we can’t really start extending and extrapolating from the letter associated with it… after all, there isn’t any “J” in Ryu Ga Gatoku/Like a Dragon, is there? :stuck_out_tongue:

Am I the only one who gets the urge to start singing “Like a Virgin” whenever someone says that name?

Actually, no :anjou_embarassed:

haha, shenmue 3 on PSP

Maybe Sakura Wars. It’s their most popular title in Japan and PSP could easily handle it.