Sega's new Vocaloid PSP game!

Sega is producing a new Tamagotchi-cum-Dance game for PSP “Projevt Diva” with Yamaha’s Vocaloid’s Miku Hatsune character.

The Vocaloids are also available in Virtua Fighter 5 R as Keychain items you can hook to your characters waist.


I wish I had Vocaloid. It is one of the reasons I’m thinking of getting Windows instead of Linux on my main PC.

Also I don’t really understand what this PSP game is supposed to be?

It is a “Virtual Pet” dance game.

You take care of Miku and play Dance games with her.

Kind of creepy! But if I had a PSP I would be all over it. :anjou_embarassed:

Site (with trailer):

Since the official site kind of blows (in terms of speed) here is a link to the youtube upload of the trailer:

SEGA has also announced that they will be making two Miku Hatsune music boxes, and one of them has her holding the leak on the top!
Levan Polkka plz.

I want music boxes. Also I really wish the game was for the Nintendo DS so I could play it.

It just makes my Otaku-Sense go crazy!

Btw, I think that the Vocaloid are also available as VST plug-ins for most Midi aps also, if you can find a decent midi app for Linux you might be able to install Miku as a VST plug-in. … tgs08.html

Some pics from TGS…
The Online feed missed out the Project Diva broadcast…


And MikuMiku’s voice actress.

Len and Rin also appeared.