SEGAFREAKS Panzer Dragoon Cards

My newest acquisition! In 1996 and '97 SEGA released a set of trading cards (three sets, I think) featuring characters, creatures and hardware from their history.

Hard for me to be 100% sure on any of the details, but I dug as far as I could.

Apparently there were three sets of cards.
Set 1 was probably released on September 27th of 1996, and contained 60 cards, numbered 1 through 60. This is the set with Panzer Dragoon, but also has NiGHTS into Dreams, Virtua Fighter, Fighting Vipers, Virtua Cop and some hardware featured.

The entire set’s reverse sides were printed on page 194 and 195 of Japan’s Sega Saturn Magazine, Volume 16, released 09/27/1996 (my dates will be mm/dd/yyyy). This magazine is viewable in pdf format here.

Set two was seemingly released on November 22nd, 1996 and contained another 60 cards, numbers 61-120. It was also featured in Sega Saturn Magazine, on pages 194 and 195 of Volume 19, released 11/08/1996. This issue is viewable here.

Set three was probably released in Q2 of 1997 and contained another 60 cards yet curiously, seems to finish on card number 190. Series 3 begins on card number 131, which means that somewhere between sets two and three, a mini set of 10 cards was released. I can’t find any information about it yet, but I could easily be wrong about it, too.

Set three is featured on pages 120 and 121 of Sega Saturn Magazine Volume 22, released 07/04/1997, viewable here.

I was lucky enough to find a pretty complete collection so I snatched them up. Here are the shots I took of the Panzer Dragoon related cards.

Of particular note are the little typos/translation errors, like “Hatchiling” and “Glideling”, but especially interesting is the final card in the series. The cards must have been made early on in development of Zwei, because the, ahem, “Gardian Dragon” doesn’t look like the final boss of Zwei at all! In fact, it reminds me of the final battle with abbadd dragon in Orta!

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It’s really cool that you found these. However, it seems like they tired to make trading cards for everything back in the 90’s, just to make a quick buck.

Well it seems the trend is coming back with a digital form these days…

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It looks like the small version of the Guardian Dragon that you see at the end of the first episode and at the end of the final episode (after defeating the big version).

Would you be interested in contributing these photos to the site?

Oh, right! I forgot you don’t fight the final form in all difficulties.

Where/how do you want the pictures?

I’ve made a category called “Product Pictures - Cards” for them. If you could upload them to that category and write a news entry announcing the contribution that would be much appreciated.

I’m pretty lost. I logged in as a contributor, and I hit “how to contribute”.

I hit “submit new content”, then “contributions forum category” but that just takes me to the forum, where my topic is already showing.

I do not understand how to “contribute” more than I have already :frowning:
I wrote my little article and submitted all the pictures I took.

If you have set up everything, upload all the images and made a news entry, then all that remains is for one of the Admins (Solo) to approve everything then it will be hosted officially on the main website.

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Once you’re logged in, go to the Pictures section and click on ‘New Picture’ (or ‘New Album’ for a set of related pictures). I’ll look into writing step by step instructions in the future. Also, we only support JPEG.

This is pretty aggravating. Have to upload all these images… Can’t do them all at once, either. Tried that, filled out the entire page and then hit “upload” got an error and had to start COMPLETELY over.

Uploading one at a time now, and now on the third image it uploads the picture portrait when it should be landscape and I can’t find any option to rotate it. Every program on my computer opens the picture the correct way, showing landscape, but when I upload it goes vertical.

I’m rapidly losing interest :frowning:

Maybe try uploading around five at a time, so that there’s less aggravation if one fails… there might be too much load on the server to upload more, I am not sure. If the image is uploading vertically, the original must still be vertical, so either rotate in Photoshop (or similar) and save the rotated copy before uploading, or leave it and I’ll rotate them for you. Anyway, just do what you can and I’ll clean them up when I have time.

Again, every program on my computer (Paint, GIMP, Photoshop CS6, Windows Preview) all open the picture and show it the correct orientation. I can’t edit it to be landscape because it already is landscape. :frowning:

If you upload them as-is, I’ll change the rotation to landscape for you. There’s nothing built into the system that is tampering with the image (beyond generating the thumbnails), so I’m not sure what the cause is.

I have had this problem also happen to me countless in the past. When you open up the Folder that contains the pictures and you see the small Icon / Preview of them, is the Preview of the image in the correct orientation or not? If they are not in the correct orientation in the Folder, then that is why they are not uploading correctly onto the site. An easy way to fix this issue is to select all of the images ( by highlighting them or something) that are not in the correct orientation, and then right click on them, and in the menu that show up after right clicking you will have the option to rotate them right or left.

This issue is similar to when you take a picture on your phone and when you go to the Gallery and see that image not in the right orientation, you just rotate it.

If this is not the issue, I’m sorry.

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How did you get on with adding the images to Panzer Dragoon Legacy, @Synbios16? If it’s frustrating you too much, I can take over.

On a related note, I’m in the process of migrating Panzer Dragoon Legacy to an off-the-shelf system, with drag and drop support for images and some other niceties. But this is in the very early stages, so don’t expect to use it any time soon.

Sorry man, I haven’t been around for a while. Spent the last few weeks in Japan and just got back, trying to normalize daily life again.
By now I’ve completely forgotten the tiny bit I did actually understand of the contribution system, so I’ll be essentially be starting over again.
On the bright side I found another item to add!

Cool! How was Japan? I haven’t been there yet.

It was fucking amazing. We went over a large swath of Honshu over two weeks and saw so much… From Tokyo’s megacity to tiny towns in the countryside, built right on the sides of little mountains. It’s astounding how so many people live with so little space.
We stayed in 8 or 9 different places, from nice hotels, to tiny apartments to luxurious Ryokans.
I walked into every arcade I saw just to stroll around it. Arcades in my part of the US don’t really exist anymore. In Japan, they’re 5 story complexes that house hundreds of machines. I think we saw at least 4 or 5 giant buildings completely run by SEGA, so while it seems like they’re almost dead here in the West, SEGA is thriving in the land of the rising sun, albeit a different beast entirely than what I knew growing up.
The people are so polite and fastidious. A city of 40-some million people and surprisingly little trash. Whenever we had a confused look on our faces (mainly trying to figure out the trains and buses) it was merely a few seconds before a random person would approach us and try to help us get where we were going.
We toured several museums, walked over 100 miles and climbed no less than 5 mountains.

Then when we had to come home we were reminded how different our culture is. The flight attendant smashed our luggage after we placed it gently in the overhead bin and closed it. He was attempting to cram another bag in the small bin with our bag full of breakable items we intentionally did not check. We caught him soon enough and told him we had fragile things in the bag and would be happy to try to move it ourselves to accommodate other items, and asked him to please stop smashing it, and we were met with the typical American passive aggressive snark you’d expect out of a teenager.
After landing, we had to take a train back out of the airport. Now keep in mind, we’d ridden probably a hundred trains in Japan over the previous two weeks with no issues at all. First train we get on in America? Big black dude pacing angrily on the train platform screaming every few seconds some incoherent nonsense. We get on the train (several cars away from the insane person) and at the first stop the train’s conductor announces that there’s a “slight” delay ahead. We sat at the station for 33 minutes. In Japan, we had one late train. It was probably less than 60 seconds late. The entire time we were stalled in this train car the people behind us had their phones blaring some noise that only by stretching one’s definitions of the word “music” could be considered a song.
Almost every single person on the trains in Japan either had their phones out or was asleep, and we never heard a sound from either.

I had some of the best and worst food I’ve ever eaten in Japan. Now I’m not big on seafood to begin with, so I knew this trip might be difficult for me in the culinary realm, but you’d be amazed at what sort of food selection there is in Japan. Apparently waffles are pretty big in Japan right now, and there are little waffle stands in the various train stations with lines of people waiting. Some of the best Indian food I’ve ever had from these 3 Indian dudes in a tiny shop in Akihabara. These guys spoke Kanada, English and Japanese pretty fluently and made terrific naan. We had several types of Ramen, soba, udon, and sushi and didn’t have a bad experience with any. My finicky digestive system probably had fewer gutaches in the time I was there than any equal stretch of time in the past 5 years. Probably something to do with their almost complete lack of dairy. Lots of dishes in Japan apparently have recipes that call for cooks to the throw an entire fish into the bowl, and we saw quite a few whole sea creatures in our finished meals. To my great dismay, the Japanese people just do not understand breakfast. They make spectacular dinners and lunches but breakfast I think is a mystery to them. No sausage in sight, kielbasa is absent, “bacon” apparently means something else that just translates to “thick piece of ham”, nobody knows how to scramble an egg, pancakes and french toast are seen as dessert foods and even the Japanese Denny’s insists on serving your meals with rice and miso. I missed American breakfast dearly. That said we passed a bunch of bakeries and let me tell you, those guys know how to make a pastry. Also for some reason the strawberries I had in Japan were probably the best I’ve ever eaten. Smaller, but so much more tasty! I tried to tell myself it was just some sort of bias my brain had created because I liked Japan so much, but I really think they were better!
We walked a lot. I said 100 miles before, it was probably closer to 110, maybe more. We learned quickly how important our recent shoe upgrades had become. Even with new shoes and insoles, giant blisters lined my toes. A nightly soak of my feet in a hot bath helped immeasurably. Strangely enough, after all that walking and climbing (there’s roughly… 80 bajillionmillion stairs in Japan) my legs and back didn’t get sore at all. Tired each day, yes, but only my feet actually hurt.
The things that we saw were incredible. Seeing Japan from the tops of some mountains was breathtaking. I was trying to figure this out earlier, but I think you can’t really be anywhere on Honshu without being within 100 miles of an ocean. Seeing the coastal communities from elevated heights was simply wonderful.
I told my wife on the plane that statistically, there would probably be an earthquake while we were in Japan, but also statistically that we wouldn’t feel it, likely because it would be far enough away or small enough. Well. We were jolted awake at about 1:30 AM on the ninth night by her phone making some crazy Star Trek-esque alarm followed by the words spoken from the phone: “jishin desu”. Now typically when alarms start going off on my wife’s phone while we sleep, I get pretty ornery about it. I hate having my sleep interrupted, and we were particularly exhausted after a day of several long hikes. I grabbed the phone grumpily and fumbled with the buttons in the dark. I use Android phones and she’s always had iPhones, so I don’t know exaclty where all the buttons are so it takes me probably 5 seconds to turn the damn thing off. She’s awakened by my grumpy mumblings and asks in a sleepy haze what’s going on and I start to tell her that she should have silenced her phone before we went to sleep, but before I can start to speak I notice that we’re sort of wobbling. We’re on the second floor of a decent sized apartment building and we’re shaking and swaying pretty noticeably. It’s probably worth saying now that “jishin desu” means “IT’S AN EARTHQUAKE” and this is Japan’s early warning system in place to send alerts to people when tremors are detected. All I can manage to say is “earthquake”. We both freeze. We have no idea what to do. Back in the states we live approximately a lightyear from the nearest fault line, so we have no experience in this area. We hear frantic foot steps on the floor above us and I start looking up “what to do during an earthquake” on my phone. A few seconds later everything settles down and what I’m reading says to “expect aftershocks”. We are still on the futon mattress, just laying there in the quiet and the dark. But we’re still physically quite exhausted from the prior day’s events and we are both back to sleep inside of 5 minutes. The next morning I got glares from my wife as she said “you said we wouldn’t feel it”. Stats be damned, we experienced a 5.6!

I planned every day far in advance and while we didn’t get to every stop on my list, we did probably hit 90+% of them, and we managed to check out a lot of things I didn’t have planned.
I already want to go back. I missed Sega Fes by ONE DAY, because I didn’t know it was happening when I booked our flights.
None of the shops I visited had an Orta Xbox (I’m still looking), but one of them had a copy of the Limited Box of Skies of Arcadia signed by the dev team. Unfortunately it was marked “not for sale” :frowning:

I could write for days about this trip and someday I probably will, but I gotta get some shit done today.
If you want to go, please go. It’s a blast.
Just buy good shoes.

Japan sounds like an interesting place.

I read recently that some devices save the device orientation in the image file’s Exif metadata. This can affect how the image is displayed in some apps, but not others. There’s a blog post about it here. I checked the Exif metadata of some of your images with the exiftool mentioned in that blog post, but there was no Orientation field included the metadata. It’s possible that imgur stripped out this metadata when you uploaded it there, but it’s not being removed when uploading to Panzer Dragoon Legacy (just a theory). In any case, I tried uploading a copy of the first three images from imgur and the orientation was fine - so maybe drag them from imgur and upload those ones?

@Synbios16 I’m guessing that this hasn’t progressed any further. I’ll probably need to take over adding the cards to the site, but that can wait until the new year. We’ll get there.

I am no longer planning to change the content management system in any major ways, so it will be matter of determining what is different about these images and fixing them before they are uploaded to Panzer Dragoon Legacy.