Sega to make mobile phones

Sega has re entered the hardware market in a way with a new line of mobile phones geared towards kids.


I couldn’t find any pictures of the games though - the screenshots are from Mushi King (which is to be expected)

I hope they make adult phones in the US sometime soon, it would be a good reason to finally get one.

i would actually get one you know, even if it does look like a kid phone (as long as the price is right)

Wow that could be interesting. What I’d like to see is a built in game gear or perhaps even mega drive emulator and downloadable roms for $1 each or so. Now that would get me to buy one asap…

I really don’t see the point in getting one unless it’s available in the west. The problem is that Sega has a multitude of mobile games in Japan and to a Sega loving RPG maniac like my self is where the majority of there RPG output has been heading to.So there won’t be any unique games in that respect though i’m sure sega will have mobile versions of MUSHI KING,LOVE AND BERRY and DINOSAUR KING which someone pointed out earlier. To tell you the truth this “kiddie craze” concerns me not because that a company the size of sega is expected to do kid games now and again which they always have is that they’ve been hugely sucessful compared to their usual stuff lately. MUSHI KING just cemented its popularity when it was released on the hardware market,LOVE AND BERRY is very popular as well but hasn’t been ported yet(But it will) and Sega’s cashing in on MK with DINOSAUR KING and now this kiddie phone. They’re obviously using these games to push this new hardware which is a clever move from satomi ,I’m just worriedn that this kiddie thing may end up engulfing the company’s direction.

If this means they will release a 32X for my phone…I don’t think so.