Sega tests new console - TOYLET

"Sega Japan has returned to console gaming, although not in a way anyone might have imagined, with its new Toylet. Bring an entirely new paradigm of gaming interaction, a pressure sensor is located in inside a the hull of public urinals which measures the pressure of a stream of urine aimed at the sensor. Located above the urinal is a color display loaded with minigames that are controlled by the user." … ltiplayer/

I knew that Sega could come up with something unique - for my home version I’d like wiener recognition for automatic user login.

It looks like the old rivalry between Sega and Nintendo is back.

Toylet games aren’t something new in Japan, back in the Ps1 era there was a game where you peed at hamsters…

Was it a ‘piece of piss’ to play?

As far as finding new ways of gaming goes, this actually makes me dread what might come next…