Sega Saturn Memory

Can you save games directyly on the saturn? Does it have internal memory for saved games, or do you need a memory card to save all games? Also i’ve read that the internal memory doesn’t hold game saves and erases them after a while.

Just some questions.

You can save your position in a game directly to the saturn’s memory. The memory is powered by a small watch battery and lasts 1 - 2 years, after that time it will lose power and forget your save games. Memory cartridges were sold for the saturn also as its internal memory was quite limited and if you could quite easily run out of memory if you played games with big save files (e.g. Sim City).

Hope that answers your question :slight_smile:

Thanks, yes it does

And just to confirm, never buy unofficial memory cards.

Yeah, 3rd party cards suck, I had 2 and they both messed up after only a few months.

But the Saturn internal memory does it’s job. It’s disapointing that many games take up so much of it’s space (for example Shining Force 3 and Dragon Force each take up over 3/4ths of it), but for the most part it’s OK. You should replace the battery every couple years, but despite what the manual says it’s OK to replace the battery while the system is on, then you won’t lose any saves. Also, the Saturn’s internal memory uses the same battery that the Dreamcast VMU does, so if you have an unused VMU you could just use one of it’s batteries for the Saturn.