Sega revs up new Racing Studio

Sega europe plans to create a new studio dedicated in creating/porting/updating Sega’s arcade racing games.

Well I don’t think we need another CRAZY TAXI but we do need to see DAYTONA 2 or maybe even SCUD RACE.

Virtua Racer baby! XD Or a Sega Rally, I’m still miffed about the DC port of the second one. XD “Tilting in corners? What’s that?”

A new Crazy Taxi for the next generation would be awesome!

As well as another Ferrari game.

If there will be a new Crazy Taxi I’d like one with the original drivers. B.D. Joe’s da man! XD

Although I’m not particularly fond of rock music, I must say that one of the most memorable aspects of Crazy Taxi was Offspring’s music - “Way Down the Line” and “All I Want” were so gloriously and flawlessly in keeping with the game’s mood! Bring that band back into a Crazy Taxi game and it’s impossible to go wrong with it. :anjou_happy:

I was hoping that you could get to play your own music in OUTRUN 2. Now with this new studio up and running,they will twek any further arcade ports of racers to fit in the deeper play mechanics of video game racers on the current consoles.

I was very dissapointed in the lack of custom soundtracks of Outrun 2. Every racing game should let you play your own music.

To me there was no more exhilarating moment than holding first place by only a car length on the last lap of Laguna Seca in TOCA Pro Race Driver 2 as the ending quarter of Pearl Jam - Black was blasting through the speakers.

I couldn’t care less.The racing game that thrills me is still to come.The only racing game I really like was Sega Rally and I think it was one of the few games I could play back then.