Sega re-enter hardware market!

“Sega will next year launch a portable media player boasting enough functionality to threaten Sony?s PlayStation Portable, the Register Hardware can exclusively reveal.”


Colour me humiliated. This is either a fake (God I hope so) or the most horribly designed portable ever. It will lose to the PSP in looks alone. Do you actually play the games on it by holding it vertically? That’s even worse! Even in that position the buttons don’t look suitable for any real gaming. And they honestly want to beat the PSP? Why are they doing this? I could see this working as a media player (working as in, get some profit in Japan and nowhere else since everyone’s buying ipods anyway) and other such functions but why include games functionality? They’re just setting themselves up for a huge disapointment. This better not be their own design but a fake fan trailer.

I saw the trailer for this and am not terribly impressed. It isn’t even a gaming system. I imagine the games will be things like Solitaire and Minesweeper. I have no idea how it could possibly threaten the PSP. At best it can threaten the Zune.

Even though I would love to support whatever hardware Sega makes, I have no need for a device like that.

Yeah I guess I should direct my hatred to the dude who wrote the article like that, it’s clearly not a gaming device, the games will probably be cell phone java stuff caliber. But even so, what were they thinking with that kind of design? It looks so… old.

I also don’t get this SEGA re-enters the hardware . SEGA still makes it own Arcade Hardware, and SEGA Toys still makes hardware too .

SEGA will never make another console though imo, not as long as SONY and MS are inthe market

If Sega ever managed to establish many franschises as the staples of modern gaming, say with a high caliber PSO MMORPG, a grand next gen Sonic title to beat Mario, GOOD Shining Force JRPGames, second party games like Condemned getting amazing sequels and their publishing of games like Total War to continue, then they could at some point re-enter the market with good results, much better than the original Xbox at least.

But if they keep being so hit and miss (in regards to the franchises that can be good, like Shining Force, I don’t care if they make shovelware like Olympic Games Whatever) then nope, they can’t ever do that.

SEGA have also been making MP3 players in Japan for years.

Now that one has power to run Java! Fanboys are jacking off.

Although… there is something about this shit I do not buy.
That trailer looks really unprofessional…