SEGA planning a number of TV and film adaptations

While I’ve developed a healthy scepticism towards video game films, if good writers are brought on board some these films/shows might work. The first wave of properties wouldn’t be my first choice, but if it paves the way for a Panzer Dragoon or Skies of Arcadia live action film or show, that could be exciting.

The only good IP on their current list there is Shinobi. Ninjas are truly underrated. I’d love to see Joe Musashi back in a modern console game as well. I doubt even a Hollywood budget could truly adapt those ideas to the big screen though. A serious anime would be great but I don’t see that happening either.


Skies of Aradia would be wonderful! I also think this is Yu Suzukii’s chance to finish the Shenmue series!

Shenmue III as a movie crossed my mind as well. Or perhaps a TV series? They could do episodes covering the previous games for newcomers (it has been too long to expect people to have played the Dreamcast games) and then finish the story.

Just please don’t make anything overly violent just to be violent. It seems like that’s the trend now. Why does everything have to be so serious?

I’ve had the opposite experience. Everything seems politically correct these days. The less of that the better.

If Sega made a Shinobi anime, would you rather it be like the original Ninja Scroll movie or like Naruto?

They will always try to reflect their target audience. Who knows what that is at the moment.

I will send a message back through time now and try to save Sega from themselves, although I fear I am already too late…

Violence as something that moves the story along makes sense. The problem is that it often serves no purpose other than to add a flashy battle scene that acts a distraction from the main plot. Have you seen The Hobbit films, @Geoffrey_Duke?

The Hobbit seemed childish to me. At least I could relate to LOTR.

Life is serious. There’s no escaping from it. LOTR walked a fine line between realistic and politically correct. The Hobbit films aren’t the same.

Compare the original Ninja Scroll movie with Naruto. It’s easy to see the difference. Reality is harsh. It’s better to conquer it than hide from it.

My point is that the additional scenes were often over the top battle sequences (the original story was more about stealth). The dwarves were essentially turned into nearly invincible action heroes bouncing around their environment like video game characters. Not very serious at all.

Edit: I’m going to make another topic to discuss this film series to avoid derailing this one.

I don’t think The Hobbit was gritty enough if you catch my meaning. The type of realism I would like is impossible for that kind of movie due to its universal target audience. It kind of exists between all worlds. More so than LOTR.

In a film like Ninja Scroll (anime, granted) the fight scenes are inseparable from the experience. No one was invincible and death was ever-present, and that was what many people perceive to be a cartoon.

I think generally, all that really matters is whether people inherently like it or not, which brings us back to the saying to each their own.

A Shinobi film like Ninja Scroll would be awesome. Sadly I doubt we’d ever see it because it’s too gory despite the fact that NS was a masterpiece with a noble main character.

I suspect that Sega will simply try to convert these IPs into a quick profit any way they can, even if they are mediocre. We shall see!