Sega owns a frigging anime studio!?

I recently found out that Sega owns an anime studio.

Its not just any studio either,its a studio called TMS ENTERTAINMENT one of the major producers of japanese animation in the last 20 years, whose past credits include,God Mazinger,Space Adventure Cobra, Magic Knight Rayearth,Ulysses 31,Mysterious Cities Of Gold and Akira.

Sega’s owned this studio since 1992. Usually when a company owns another one they use their assets to sell their own products. But Sega has hardly taken advantage of TMS with only a few toons made by them throughout the years.

If they could n’t use to guys to raise their profile in japan then sega’s incompetence was bigger then we all previously thought.

This is news to me.

Never heard of that before either, you would think they would be in a better financial standing before the Sammy deal if they used that studio properly.

Counting Ylysses 31 and Akira out I don’t know the other ones.Nor did I knew Sega owned an anime studio.

If you watch Evangelion, you can clearly see a Sega Saturn in one of the episodes.

I seem to remember seeing the Sega logos on the boxes for the Magic Knight RayEarth dolls, and I have a 3x3 Eyes plush that has came with Sega stamped on the tag. I imagine there are several more anime series somehow indirectly affiliated with Sega.

Ulysses 31 was great! You mean Saga was making money out of those names??

Must explain that Magic Knight Rayearth Saturn game. XD

It’s all here in black and white.

A link that was previously too long.

Scroll down and you’ll see who owns the majority of the shares.

Sega owned these guys from 1992. Thirteen fucking years man. I just thought they were a video games company but from what the report says they’re bigger than that. All these people that complained about Sega’s lack of marketing due to incompetence were right. Sega could n’t even exploit the fact that they own an anime studio to push the DC in Japan.

TMS is like the third biggest anime studio after Toei and Tatsunoko. Most anime fans have watched their stuff in the last ten years. Yet Sega not only failed to use this to their advantage,No one in the games world even knew about it.

They couldn’t even get any popular franchise from TMS and their associates
to …awww geez.

As for anime shows that was affilated with Sega; it may have to do with the fact that Sega sponser a few anime shows because they’re going to make games based on it. Anyone whose seen the new show BLEACH will see the Sega logo pasted in front of the show before it actually starts. They making several games based on BLEACH on all current Nintendo systems. Apart from the others,Evangelion and 3X3 Eyes were n’t made by TMS.

Yeah and any other TMS show that’s been released on DVD,laserdisc and video in the last thirteen years or so. So when you buy another Akira special edition or Lupin the 3rd movie, your putting money into Sega’s pocket.

I often see sega related things in anime shows. In Comic Party Revolution, a girl is playing a Dreamcast, and talking to a fish (sound like Seaman to you?) and also on the part of shows where they show the names of their sponsors, I see Sega’s name crop up a lot. I definately remember seeing it on Beck, recently.

What’s scary is that Comic Party Revolution is a new show! Good that the DC is still the icon it should be.


Well the DC is basically a niche market now. According to Sega’s site the DC will be getting a new RPG quite soon.

Sega havent exploited this anywhere near as much as ninetndo did with thier brands…

And that is the scary thing. Most people like to dismiss Sega as being a small company in the large scheme of things blundering along. But it appears they were a company with a string of other companies who own their own companies blundering along. How the fact that Sega manage to keep all its assets intact is beyond me. i do blame sony for the death of DC but I have to blame Sega more for not using the assets they had to
create public awareness. I bet that SegaSammy will use TMS more better
than Sega ever did.