Sega New Project Announcement Live Broadcast on June 3 (Mega Drive Mini 2)

DeepL Translation:

Sega announced today (May 27, 2022) that it will broadcast a “Sega New Project Announcement Live Broadcast” on June 3, 20:00.

The content of the program has not been disclosed, but Hiroyuki Miyazaki and Yosuke Okunari of Sega and Ms. Misuzu Araki will appear as MCs.

Not sure what this about, but could be worth watching.

Haven’t played a really good Sega game in a very long time. Hopefully it’s something that they actually put some time and effort into.

I’m just happy that companies like SEGA are possibly investing in older IPs. Would love to see something Skies of Arcadia related. And maybe we’ll finally hear something about Zwei remake. Its delay brings me each day closer to just buying a Saturn and the original two.

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So, the announcement was a “Mega Drive Mini 2” which includes a mini Mega CD.

These miniature consoles are less interesting to someone who likes to keep a minimalist setup, but I’m glad some rarer titles such as Shining Force CD are being given another chance.