Sega Netlink and Saga

Someone told me Saga has a debug Mode and level select that can be accessed with a keyboard and the floppy drive that come with the Saturn Netlink.

Anyone knows something about this?

I noticed in the past that there was text for debug options stored on the discs, but at the time I just assumed they’d been totally disabled in the finished game. The stored text for the title screen has five options that can’t be accessed normally:


…which look like a level select (Town, Field and Battle are the names used in the PDS code for on-foot areas, flight areas and battles), a sound test and a movie test. Ancient Weapon posted a while ago that the sound test appears to be fully intact on the discs, but inaccessible; he said it was in the file “SNDTEST.PRG”, I think, so it wouldn’t surprise me if the other debug options are there too. (Oh, and PDS does specifically support and recognise the floppy disc drive; if one’s connected, the third icon on the save-game menu lights up and allows you to save to it.)

But yeah, I’d be very interested to know how these options would be unlocked and what they’d be like…

Okay, that’s interesting. How would you hook a floppy drive up to your Saturn anyway?

As odd as it may seem, Sega released an actual Saturn floppy disc drive in Japan. I was thinking of adding this to the PDS “weird stuff” page on the site, as I imagine it would seem quite odd to most Western fans; having a blank third icon on the save-game menu I mean, when we never had the Saturn FDD over here (and most people understandably don’t know that it existed). Here’s a scan I took from the Japanese manual showing the floppy icon:

I guess the floppy drive would have been connected to the port on the back of the Saturn, right?

In addition, I remember seeing a file named SNDTEST.PRG on one of my Saga discs, which I thought might be a sound test. Yes, I know, my powers of deduction are amazing!

I thought that it would have been interesting to get that working, but I don’t know how we could and even if it would do much anyway.

After almost 7 years I finally know the truth!

Sorry, Lance - I had not seen that before I posted my earlier reply! :anjou_embarassed:

I had the US netlink (just threw it out about a month ago) but it didn’t have a floppy drive …

That’s coz it was only released in Japan. The floppy disc drive, that is.