Sega making a JP Twitter survey for their next SEGA AGES games

So basically, this is how we can request the games we want SEGA to bring back via SEGA AGES:

I have put Panzer Dragoon Saga in bracket but you can put the game you want. On the reset era topic, they gave the main titles SEGA fans want to see return.

One tweet per person will be accepted and I think we should all take part in this. Even if this means opening a Twitter account just for the sake of getting one more vote for each of us.

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So proud of what we achieved.

There is both Azel Panzer Dragoon RPG AND the Panzer Dragoon series generally.

I think they just cannot ignore us anymore now that the series is in the spotlight.

Ahaha! I knew it. I’m telling ya, there’s going to be a PD sequel sooner or later. Which is why I hate people who are negative and just do what everyone else does in the world which is be cynical about everything. People haven’t got the memo yet that their desires matter in the end. There’s a reason people stil talk about these games decades afterwards…quality doesn’t go unnoticed.

I find it amusing that Guardian Heroes was made by Treasure, and not Sega, yet it’s still on this list anyway.

Oh yea, I have met a few of those people online but fortunately most fans are positive fellows.

Sega did publish some of the Treasure games though, including Guardian Heroes. I’m not sure who holds the IP of those franchises, but usually Treasure produced spiritual successors rather than sequels, so perhaps that isn’t a huge issue.

After checking the re-release on Xbox360, SEGA does appear to hold the copyright to the Guardian Heroes IP. That explains why they were apparently the ones who asked for the game’s digital re-release on Xbox Live Arcade:

So that explains why it’s in the poll.

Is this why we still don’t have a steam release of Radiant Silvergun?

No, as far as I know SEGA doesn’t hold any copyright over that franchise.