SEGA Leipzig 2008 Lineup

Unannounced World Premiere - Found out to be The House of the Dead: Overkill exclusive for the Wii.
Samba de Amigo
Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
Sonic: Unleashed
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
Beijing 2008
Dinosaur King
Space Siege
Empire: Total War
Alpha Protocol
Golden Axe: Beast Riders
Valkyria Chronicles

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Note SEGA of Europes press release is in this.

Sega has just announced their line up for Games Convention 2008 in Leipzig, Germany next week, with Sonic the Hedgehog and the public debut of Samba De Amigo at the forefront of their presentation, though both could be upstaged by the super-secret world premier hinted at in Headstrong’s pre-convention postcard. Along with the world premier of a new title, Sega will be parading about Sonic in both Unleashed and Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood flavors, with Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games thrown in for good measure. Rounding out their booth presence will be the game of the TV show Dinosaur King, and Gas Powered Games’ Space Siege.

The company’s presence in the Business Center closely mirrors that of E3, with Alpha Protocol, the new RTS Stormrise, and PlatinumGames titles Bayonetta and MadWorld on display, along with Empire: Total War, Golden Axe, and Valkyria Chronicles. Between the titles we know about and the one we hope we know about, it should be a very exciting GC for Sega indeed.


GC 2008 ? SEGA confirms games line-up

LONDON & MUNICH (August 14, 2008) ? SEGA? Europe Ltd. and SEGA? Germany GmbH today announced the titles which will be presented to the public and industry professionals at Games Convention 2008. Two SEGA heroes will dominate events in the consumer area (Hall 5, Booth F02), which will strongly and positively stand out from the usual trade fair booths thanks to its special design. Amigo, the clever monkey from the Samba De Amigo game series celebrates his comeback exclusively on the Wii, and at the same time, his public premiere. For the first time customers will be able to shake their Wii remotes to the beat, next to, and on the stage ? 40 well-known songs and new game modes provide long-lasting enthusiasm. Samba De Amigo will also be the primary element of our professionally moderated stage show ? with full audience participation.

Sonic will also be taking the trip to Leipzig and presenting himself to the public in two games. Along with his role-playing game premiere Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, developed exclusively for the DS by BioWare, the cool hedgehog will play up his strengths in Sonic Unleashed. Visitors to the Games Convention will get to experience the new and, in many areas, heavily improved gameplay for themselves. With the Olympic Games in mind, the SEGA booth will also showcase the athletic field ? along with Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, Beijing 2008 will also be waiting for medal-worthy video game athletes. The booth will be rounded out with Dinosaur King, the game to the new TV series, and Space Siege ? another thrilling PC adventure from cult designer Chris Taylor.

In the Business Center (Hall 1, Booth I31), SEGA will provide an outlook for more up-coming highlights. Notable developers from Japan (Platinum Games), the UK (Headstrong Games, The Creative Assembly), and Australia (The Creative Assembly Australia) will give media representatives a sneak peek at forthcoming SEGA titles for all platforms.

Besides a world premiere, which will be announced in time for the start of the trade fair, new versions and demos of the presented games have been developed especially for GC. The titles presented in the business area include the epic Empire: Total War, the action packed espionage RPG Alpha Protocol, Platinum Games? highly anticipated Madworld and Bayonetta, the long-awaited comeback of Golden Axe, the Japanese strategy eye-catcher Valkyria Chronicles, and Stormrise ? an all new kind of strategy game designed specially for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. In addition, all titles from the consumer area will also be available in the Business Center.