Sega Japan tease their next Xbox 360 action game

Hi all, long time no post (or play, for some reason :anjou_sad:).

Sega Japan have set up a site at, which today features a large V and some Japanese text. According to one blog, the latter translates to “It’s count 5! When I see a correct guess posted on the 'net, I get excited” and may indicate that the game is from a familiar franchise.

Here’s what I wrote before I knew that the V/5 was simply a countdown. :anjou_embarassed:

[quote]* An emphasis on the number 5.

  • The fact that there are 4 games in the PD series so far.
  • :anjou_wow:

Discuss, and/or join me in setting yourself up for disappointment![/quote]

Welcome back! (though I haven’t seen you before :anjou_embarassed:)

Rumors abound over at the Sega forums, with Shenmue 3, Jet Set/Grind Radio sequel and Bayonetta 2 being the most often cited.

To be realistic, the site tells us nothing more than “we’re going to announce a new action game for the X360 in # days.” As much as I wish for a PD sequel, I really doubt it would happen, and nothing hints about the “next 360 action” being related to PD (or any other game, for that matter).

Yeah, a few posts there suggested Virtual On too.

I know how unlikely a new PD game is; I guess I got excited over my foolish misinterpretation of the number 5! This and the recent poll about the most desired sequels do remind me that I ought to try Shenmue, though.

I’d guess Shenmue too. Though only time will tell. 5 days aren’t too long to wait, anyway.

By the way, did you see the other 5 countdown messages? The blog you mentioned has a translation for each of them.

There’s really not much point in playing Shenmue unless there’s a sequel ever released.

StrikerX3: Yeah, I read the other messages; they don’t give much away, though!

Shadow: I’m aware it ends on a cliffhanger; is it that bad?

Here’s list of Sega franchises starting with V:

Valkyria Chronicles
Vampire Night
Virtua Cop
Virtua Fighter
Virtua Racing
Virtua Striker
Virtua Tennis
Virtua Quest
Virtual On

I’m fairly sure the V just represents the 5 days left. (They also used Roman numerals on one of the previous days.) Still, when I first considered it being Panzer Dragoon V? P.S.: Post 500! :anjou_wow:

Shhh! Panzer Dragoon V is coming… :anjou_santa:

360 isn’t necessarily the system. Could be the 360 degrees of view you have in Panzer! Also, in Japan, don’t they tend to call shmups action games? At least I’m fairly sure that in all the freeware sites I used to browse the ACT section was full of shmups… Edit: nevermind, the acronym was STG for shooting, it was even a whole different category from “action” which had sub categories like kakutou action for beat 'em ups, yikes. Oh well, that doesn’t mean it’s a rule or anything like that, there’s hope yet :stuck_out_tongue:

LMAO! Let’s bend reality to the Will of the Ancients!

BTW, this is my 225th post!

Ok, you can stop hoping now, it’s Virtual On 4 Force for the 360. … cf46_o.jpg

Well, you end up caring what happens to the characters only never to find out. Kinda suck imo.


Shhh! Panzer Dragoon V is coming… :anjou_santa:[/quote]

I know; what a pessimistic (realistic?) outlook I have! :anjou_happy:

As for the reveal, oh well. I don’t expect them to pay much attention to polls and the like. (Although some Sonic forum members hope SoA’s self-hyped press release on Thursday will reveal they’ll be revising S4EI as per fan feedback? a bit too hopeful!)